My Goals For 2017

  • Read 200 New Books
  • Finish my first draft of my WIP
  • Start and possibly finish my second draft
  • Complete my NaNoWriMo Project this November


  1. You've got this!
    I would love to read 200 books in a year, but I doubt that would happen for me.
    I'm working on my second draft, but motivation has plummeted to an all time low right now. Editing is not my favorite, but it can be fun when I want to do it (which is rare)
    I've never done NaNoWriMo. I keep hearing about it, but the pressure I would put on myself ... I already do that on my own, lol.
    Awesome goals. :)

    1. I have never gotten to the second draft before...
      If you get stick editing, it can be really helpful to listen to your story. There are a lot of programs that read your work out loud to you. And if you ever need a beta reader, I love reading things and can super analyze everything :)

    2. Sorry! Didn't see this until now. I'm terrible when it comes to leaving comments. I'm not close to needing betas yet, but I will definitely keep you posted for that. Thank you so much. :D