Daughter of the Moon

Ok, the time has come for me to tell you about my story. I just typed this up, so it may not be as detailed or interesting as I want....

Well, here goes:

Zoe is part of a highly secret band of assassins/spies. Despite the fact that she is a girl and much smaller then most of her class mates, she quickly climbed to the top. Her biggest competition at the time was Nick, a arrogant boy who was at the head of the class, even though he hardly ever practiced. Why should he? Nobody was even close to his test scores. Until a quiet little girl with pale skin and black hair utterly beats him. And not just at stealth or one of the other classes girls normally excelled at.
In a fight.
She stepped into the ring with her two little daggers and beat him at swordplay, the very thing he thought was his best skill.
To make it worse, the Commander happened to be watching that day. He saw the ease that Zoe took down the top student in her class and transferred her to spar with the older group of student who had recently graduated. Those began a life long competition between Nick and Zoe.

Now, the Commander sends them on a mission together. It isn't the first mission they've been on together, but they'd never really gotten to know each other. Things keep popping up on the mission and they are hitting a little to closer to home for Zoe's comfortable. 
Now she just has to complete the mission and keep Nick from finding out her darkest secret and uncovering her painful childhood that she has kept hidden all these years. 

What do you guys think? Would you consider reading my story?

-Mary Kate-


  1. this sounds awesome! what time period is it based in?

  2. Technically, it's Middle Ages tech...but fantasy world. So there might be some more modern things (Paper, Women in Ninja/Assassin Roles, Etc.)

    1. Cool. if you ever need help with like grammar or something I would be happy to assist. but I'm not great at spotting grammar errors... so... yeah. but I can help with suggestions for events and stuff. also even though this is middle ages and you probably wont need this, I can explain most tech stuff up to about modern day xD

      if you can't tell by now... I'm probably a little too generous...

  3. I would always be happy for an extra pair of eyes! While I am trying not to give out too many spoilers on the blog, I will need SOMEBODY to read it all the way through before I send it out to agents
    (But only if you let me read what ever you are working on) :P