Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Things I Do When I'm Home [Alone]

  • Sing and dance in the kitchen while making coffee
  • Practice my witch laugh.

    Not just a cackle. I mean the one where you SCREAM at the beginning and fade into a cackle. I don't know where  I would even use this, but I practice all the same. You just never know
  • Add a few thousand words to my whatever my current story is
  • Or plot a new one
  • Bask in the sweet, sweet solitude
  • Randomly bake something

  • And then eat it
  • Write a page or two of random thoughts...left handed
  • Give myself a mani/pedi
  • Do yoga while watching TV
  • Take a nap
  • Do school  
  • Memorize a poem
  •  Reorganize my room
  • Read a book. Or three.
  • Sit down in a sunbeam, promise myself it will just be a second and then wake up an hour later with the carpet imprinted onto my face
  • Plan a hundred blog posts and promptly forget ALL OF THEM when I need to write one.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

Capes, Coffee Shops & Cake: Random Facts and 1/2 Way Snippets

 As of the 15th (Half way point of NaNoWriMo): I am at 20,722 words. 
Which is about 5k less then half way (25k), which isn't quite what I was hoping...

But other then that, everything is going great. 

I am on Chapter Eleven out of twenty five chapters and the plot is beginning to thicken.

 I might take some of the drama from the second book and add it to the very end of this book. (Because it needs a nice little cliff hanger, don't you think?)

I didn't do as much character development as I could have, but I'm afraid two of the supporting characters are slowing turning into the same person. Whoops. 

And everyone who has read it so far is madly in love with Brent and is hard core shipping him with Kace. 

Which is a bit of a problem since I am not sure if they'll even end up together. I mean, there's that guy in the second book...(Actually, there are two more possibly love interests in the second book) And when Kace ends up with someone else, the readers might storm down upon me, kill me and finish the story themselves. 

(If there is no mention of coffee or pastries every couple of chapters, then you know that its happened.)

Oh, and Lily went on a date. 


And then I remembered I was on a date. And with that came the frantic thought, “What do people do on dates, exactly?” Well, my brilliant mind said, “Ask questions about each other so they can learn more about the person they are dating.”
Which is great and all. But what should you ask?
I decided to ask what his favorite color was, but panicked. What if he asks me what MY favorite color is?
 While I was musing in WHAT was my favorite color, he asked, “What’s your favorite animal?”
And in my panic, I blurted, “Yellow!”
He gave me a slightly weird look. It wasn’t actually a weird look, he just didn’t react and his left eyebrow moved up a fraction of an inch.
I took a deep breath and added, “Ducklings. Yellow ducklings.” 



Tuesday, November 14, 2017

If Characters Were Cupcakes...

 Kace is a baker (among other things)
And so.......

This post.

Let me start off by saying:

If characters were cupcakes I would be very, very hungry while writing.

Cool, associated with winter...
Yep, Kace is a chocolate cupcake with a vanilla frosting and candy cane crumbles on top. Will possibly cut you if you're not careful. (Have you ever had your mouth cut by a piece of peppermint? Because ow)

Lily would be one of those adorable white cake cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting and a sprinkling of ....well, sprinkles


Brent would be a cheesecake cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting and a strawberry.
 (I know cheesecake isn't really cake, but shush)
Also because he is cheesy (and Kace loves strawberry)

Liam would be a mocha cupcake because shares Lily's love of coffee and he pretends he's cooler and fancier then all the other chocolate cupcakes, but he is actually just a...well.... tiny cupcake.

Kace's Mom, (Yes, the CIA Agent) is elegant, fancy, and bloody beautiful. So she is a raspberry dark chocolate cupcake.  With super fancy raspberry marbled through the white frosting.

Kace's Dad,  is sweet and kind of nutty. So naturally, his cupcake needs peanut butter. And nothing goes better with peanut butter then chocolate. (And I just realized that Kace, her mom and her dad all have the same cupcake base...)

Lily's Mom (when she isn't a superhero kicking people in the face) is one of those happy, smiling moms. Think lemon-aid cupcake with rose pink colored frosting and a wafer thin lime balanced on top. 
Lily's Dad is a red velvet cake. And please don't ask me why because I haven't figured out his personality enough. *cries into hands*

And we can't forget Lily's brothers. 
If they were cupcakes, you can bet they'd be devil's food cake with a thick rich chocolate frosting.
Because everyone loves them and they tend to make a mess where ever they go...

And while we're talking about cupcakes how about a snippet? 

Mom was still out of town and Dad was just about to leave for work. And I? I was in the kitchen, passive-aggressively baking in an attempt to work off my anger. It’s weird, but it works. Normally I make a batch of cookies and I feel better.


I could hear Dad puttering around in the hall but I knew he wouldn’t come in here. Everyone has learned to just avoid me and let me work out my emotions. That or get a rubber spatula to the forehead…

The oven timer went off and I slipped a pair of giant red oven mitts onto my hands. I’m not sure if I’d like oven mitts to be smaller and actually fit my hands or if I like them bigger… I know what I’d really like. If they could make oven mitts that went a little farther up your arm. I have to matching scars on my forearms where I accidentally burned my arms on the top of the oven while pulling things out.

I whipped the two trays of cookies out of the oven and set them down on the stove top to cool. Then I busied myself by flying around the kitchen, gathering up dirty bowls, throwing mixing spoons across the room into the sink. I was doing fine until I bumped into the cookie sheets on the oven with the side of my hand and burned it.

And I may have said something…inappropriate. In French.

Then I did the classic mutter angry things under your breath and stick your hand in cold water. As I was leaning on the sink with my hand under running water, I hear someone say,

“So…do you always swear in French?”
I snapped my head around, hair flying, to see Brent leaning in the doorway with that stupid amused look on his face.

“Your dad let me in.” He added and I continued to stand there and stare at him.

Why was he in my house? And of course Dad would let him in. I can just see Brent meeting him at the door, introducing himself and shaking his hand. ‘Hi. I’m Brent. Do you mind if I come in and completely ruin your daughter’s day and her plans of solitude?’ and my dad being all. ‘Sure. Sure. Go right on in’ as he walks by, whistling off to work.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Character Karaoke Tag

It's tag time!

First of, lets start on me, the musics and writing. I am not actually that much of a music person. And when I listen to songs while I write, I am not listening to the words*. Or really even listening to the music. Its like a energized white noise in the background.

*There is one exception, but it is for a book that I have never told you about before and therefore I am not going off onto a long rant to try and explain it to you. (Because I will just end up confusing everyone. Including myself) 

After I listen to one song for too long, I have to switch. Why? Because my brain starts to learn it. And therefore, a part of my brain is sitting there, going absolutely nothing but think. "And what comes next in the song? Oh yeah, the words...."  And I want every single bit of my brain to be focused on the book. 

(With the exception of the part of the brain that is running my hands and keeping the tea going to my mouth and not pouring it on my computer or something. That would be bad) 

So somebody (Aka Ivie) tagged me for the Character Karaoke Tag! Whee! In which I talk about music and books!  Are you beginning to see what the problem is? Anyway, it should be entertaining. 


1. What Song Would Play At Your OTP's Wedding? 

Ok, first off: For most of this tag, I WILL be talking about my own characters. But not for this question because:

A.) Wedding Songs? Help! Help!
B.)  I don't like telling my readers stuff about my books because I am evil and also I don't want to end up telling them everything good about my books, and then they get published and then they're like those movie trailers where literally EVERYTHING GOOD ABOUT THE MOVIE IS IN THE TRAILER. (And it wasn't that good) 
C.) I have been fangirling about this book I've been Beta Reading and I have the perfect song for my OTP. 

(Which I named and everything, because I am obsessed) 
(Also, you know who you are! I am only Beta Reading one book currently.) 

Anyway, back to the question. This is more of a song for the overall relationship. I feel like both of them match the lyrics pretty well + big cats. 

2. What Song Matches Your Protagonist?  

So...besides that first question, everything else is about my NaNoWriMo Project: Capes, Coffee Shops & Cake. Which I am currently writing! Scary no? 


Anyway, this book is dual narrated! (In first person, which is not something I do a lot.)  

If Kace was a song it would be one of those fast beat, energetic songs that people put on their workout playlists because it makes them want to run a couple miles, or do that extra sit up or climb a skyscraper!

 Lia would be a pop song. One of the cute ones that is pretty and sweet and really, really deep if you stop and listen to it. 

3. Any Instrument Players or Characters With Ties To Musical Instruments? 
Sadly, no. And while Kace would be the kind of person who would play the electric guitar in a band, she is too impatient to stop and learn. 

(Oh, wait? Does Lily still play the guitar? IDK. Questioning everything right now)

4. Go To Song For Battle, Romance, Or Intense Scenes?  

I. Cannot. Write. Romance.  

I don't do the feelings well. 


Honestly, I use music as a pick me  up. To give me energy to write. I get energized from writing fight scenes (and most intense scenes)

5. What Song Matches The First Scene In Your Book? 

Ummm.  I don't know...


6. If Your Book Was Made Into A T.V. Show, What Would The Intro Be?  

 I don't know. Stop looking at me like that. 

*screams and hides under desk*

*finds it really hard to write from under desk and comes back out*


7. You Receive A Call From An Agent Saying You're Being Published...What Would Your Celebratory Song Be?

  I would literally turn on the first thing I saw. But really, really loud. And then I would dance like a maniac. There would be much screaming and probably me sliding around the house in my socks and then I would go box for a while in an attempt to burn off energy. Which wouldn't work, so I would then go run. (Because running is so much fun and makes me not breathe)


(Some context. Kace free climbed to the top of the school building and the Principle is now yelling at her through a megaphone.) [Lily POV]

She hesitated for just a second, starring longingly up at the spire. And then she turned and started slowly making her way down. The slowness was partially because she didn’t want them to know quite how good she was and partially because she was pouting.
There was on time when she was sliding over the edge of the roof that she slipped and slid a little. Honestly, I was this close to flying across the yard and dragging her down. I could just imagine her falling to her death and saying a laughing, “Caaaaatch me.”


Thursday, November 9, 2017

November's Beautiful Books Link Up: Capes, Coffee Shops, & Cake //100th Post



Hosted by Cait @ Paperfury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In! Go check it out!


1. Overall, how is your mental state, and how is your novel going?
Everything is going amazingly! My story is flying along and I'm doing great. 
No stress, no tears. 
Only glory. 

2. What's your first sentence (or paragraph)? 

This is from the little opening scene:[Kace POV with comments from Lily]

Life as a teenage girl is tough.

You’re trying to figure out who you are, where you stand, what you want to be. You’re growing up, changing your life, becoming a new person. There are new people to meet and boys to deal with. Not to mention makeup, heels, school, and who knows what else?

Well, chocolate for one. And you can run and fight in heels, so what are you whining about?

For starters: Chocolate! Yas! And secondly, just because I can run in heels doesn’t mean I can’t be relatable.


And I wasn’t whining.

Yeah, sure.

Anyway, back on topic.

3. Who's you favorite character in your novel? 

Well Kace is the most fun to write,but right now I am extremely amused with "the Barista." Who has no name. And is only in three or four scenes as a background characters. 

There was no line so I walked up to the bored looking barista and ordered another caramel latte. The barista looked up from her magazine and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Is this your sixth cup of coffee?” she asked as she took my money and started my drink.
“Seventh.” I admitted. “I had one before school too.”
And then, to avoid awkward conversation and to not have my laptop stolen, I went back to my booth and picked up my phone.

4. What do you love about you novel so far? 
It is so fun to write. All the characters are amazing and it's so exciting to be writing something new.

5. Have you made any hilarious typos or other mistakes? 
Nothing in my story. But I have made one really bad typo before in an email to a friend...but we promised never to speak of it again, so I'll have to ask my friend if I am allowed to tell you.

6. What's your favorite to write: Beginning, middle or end — and why?
The beginning. It's so fun to pull up a fresh document and start filling it with words.

7. What are your writing habits? Is there a specific snack? Do you listen to music? What time a day do you write best? Feel free to show us a picture of your writing space!
I tend to write between 10pm to 12am. Or in the mornings. Coffee and tea might be drunk, but are not needed.  Music depends on the mood.

8. How private are you about your novel when you're writing? Do you need a cheer squad or do you work alone (like, ahem, Batman)?
With my last novel, I was more secretive. But I've been letting people read this one and telling my friend's parents about it, etc. Maybe its just because this one is about teenage superheros and not assassins?   

9. What keeps you writing even when it’s hard?
3 things. Stubbornness. Competitiveness.  And the fact that I love writing.

10. What are your top 3 pieces of writing advice?

1. Write every day, even if its just a paragraph. Sit down and try and write 50 words. It's not much and they don't have to be good. Just sit down and write. 

If you can only do fifty, that's fine. Get up and do something else. 

Sometimes though, those fifty words are all you need to get past your writers block

2. The best way to write is to sit down and write. 

3. You have to do things besides write, though. Go outside, read a book, etc and recharge your brain. 


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mini Book Review: Spy Books

Also Known As.

Heist Society.

Embassy Row.

You Don't Know My Name.

Let us call all of these books "Gallagher Girls Series Hangover"

Because ever since I read it, I have been searching for more books like it. But have I found them?


It wouldn't have been such a problem if my favorite period in history wasn't The Cold War and I hadn't read two non-fiction books and an autobiography on the OSS and CIA.

So therefore books like Also Known As are EXTREMELY painful to read.

Not the Robin Benway's book would be amazing if you didn't know random facts about spies. This book is terrible. The plot was horrible. The characters were either mush or unemotional. (The Main Character's new friend was the only person who wasn't a cardboard cutout...And therefore was the only person I remotely liked.)

It made me cry...because it was that bad. If I had a rating that was less then 1 Star....this book would have gotten it. It is also in the running as this years most hated read! Congratulations to Also Known As!

The Heist Society was the first series I read after the Gallagher Girls. After all...it was by the same author! How could it be bad?

But the characters seemed like copies of characters from the Gallagher Girls. And she plagiarized herself a couple times...Yep. Used a couple sentences that were exactly the same at the ones uttered by Cammie Morgan in the Gallagher Girls. And not little things like "I like waffles."

And it didn't have nearly enough...actual lawbreaking? I was expecting something more along the lines of Six of Crows. And it's not what I got.

(Though Hale's name does intrigue me...)

Embassy Row (also by Ally Carter) was the next series I read.

And while I liked it better then I did Heist Society...it never quite felt real. It was never believable.

That's the thing about the Gallagher Girls...A boarding school that is actually training girls to become spies? (Or you know...whatever they want to be) (Technically they're training them to be the best of the best in whatever they do.)

But it was believable.

You Don't Know My Name by Kristen Orlando was actually my favorite of the three. (Also Known As doesn't count)

 It started out so well.
It was realistic. It was well written.

And then the ending. No, I won't spoil it for you...so lets just say that the ending was unrealistic and that never would have happened.

So, have you read any of these books? HAVE YOU READ THE GALLAGHER GIRL SERIES YET? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD! Do you have any spy/secret organization books for me? Tell me more?


Saturday, November 4, 2017

Writer's Wisteria Tag

So....you may be wondering.
"Why did you take this post FROM JULY and horde it until November?"

Well, I took a blogging Hiatus in July and so I horded all tags "for future use" and I decided, if I'm hording it I might as well horde it until November.
 Because this tag would be a lot of fun for my NaNoWriMo Project.

And so I horded it. (And I really need to stop saying horde or any of its variations)
And now I am finally writing it, two months later.

Which is confusing too, since by the time you read this it will be November.

I decided NOT to take a hiatus in November, because seriously. I schedule all my posts ahead of time anyway. (Not normally THIS far in advance, but why not?)

What inspired the idea for your current WIP and how long have you had the idea?

This was actually what I tried to write for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I tried to write it without plotting it out or having any idea where it was going. It was then that I discovered I am a plotter and my Sleeping Beauty rewrite whacked me over the head and said 'Write me! Write me!" and I did.
So I have had this idea since March 2017.

What are you looking forward to most about this WIP?

(Basically the fact that it is not In A Dream, which I have been working on since it bullied its way to the top back in April.)

The characters are fun and new and its kind of an experimentation for me since it will be written in first person, dual narration. And both girls are so different from each other and cool and superheros and cupcakes and just *scream*

Have you ever dreamed of your characters?

No. I tend to dream of food, people trying to kill me and weird random gibberish that makes no sense. (Though that does kind of sound like this book, now that I mention it)

How do you go about naming your characters?

Online baby sites.

They are my life.

Sometimes I pick ironic names, but this time they are very loosely based off two girls I know and therefore they have names that start with the same letters. 

Do you plan out a theme?
A wha? 

Do you discover the MBTI type of your characters? (If so, then what are the types of your characters?)
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Normally I create the main character without basing them off a type. And THEN I figure out their type and use it to decide what "types" are the best for a relationship with them and who interacts badly with them etc and use THAT to build my minor characters/love interests. 

Favorite Genre to write in? Or do you like switching it up?
I like fantasy the best, but I have ideas for:
Well, this book. What would you call a superhero book? Contemporary?
A sci-fi book, historic fiction books, more fantasy books, a few retellings (Fantasy and contemporary)....

What is a big inspiration for you in writing? Quote, person, place, food, etc
Basically everything around me inspires me to write. Even those creepy old guys who catcalled me fueled my writing. (Because hey. Rage can be used too right?)

Are you more competitive with your word count or more chill?  

I am Slytherin.

And a capricorn.

And an INTJ.

You tell me. 

(That means yes. VERY competitive. Competitive is my middle name.)

Do you like sharing small snippets of your work? *hint hint*


(Right now, I am writing this in September. But if I remember to come check on this before it goes up, I will try and put a snippet in. K?)

And I'll even makes it the rage filled cat caller scene :) 

Hopfully, NaNo hasn't killed me.



1.) [Kace POV]
Shoulders hunched to keep some of the wet wind off my neck and hands shoved deep into my pockets, I made my way along the street. And guess what I found? Trouble.

Just what I was looking for. 

2.)  [Kace POV]
“See!” I whispered gleefully as the sound of their boots faded into the night. “We’re famous.” Lily jabbed me in the side with her hand. “Jerk. It’s a school night. School starts tomorrow. I need my sleep.”
I laughed quietly and rolled out of reach. “I’ll buy you a coffee before and after school. How about that?”
She narrowed her eyes slightly. “And a pastry.”
I was going to argue, but if I bought her a pastry then I could buy me a pastry. So I nodded and started across the rooftops.

3.) [Kace POV]
I started prying it open and Lily floated down beside me.
“Or we could just use the door.” She suggested.
I stopped to consider what she said and then nodded.
And then I said, “Trust fall!” and fell backwards off the window sill.

She did catch me before I went splat, but she didn’t look too happy.

4.) [Lily POV]

When my alarm went off the next morning, I wearily pulled my head out from under my blankets to find Kace shadow boxing in my room. Only half-awake, I turned and looked around my room, taking in the backpack slung casually on the floor near where I had laid out my shoes and bag.

“Don’t you need sleep?” I muttered.
Kace snorted in reply and left off her practice. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” And then she came over and waved a coffee cup under my nose. 

5.) As promised, the catcaller bit. [Lily POV]

I laughed, because all was right in the world and despite getting very little sleep the night before, it was going to be a perfect day.

And then we walked past a line of cars stopped at a red light. The window rolled down and a guy in his mid twenties leaned out the window. My heart sank.
“Hey!” he said. “Nice…”
Kace swung her hand to the side, depositing her coffee into the window and onto his lap and astonished face.
Kace looked down at her now empty cup and wrinkled her nose. “They gave me the wrong coffee.”
The creep was still sitting there with his mouth open in shock and the light turned green and they sped away. I could hear the driver laughing at his friend and calling him an idiot.

“Today is going to be a good day anyways.” I thought to myself as I watched my best friend walking along beside me with a smug look on her face.

 (Hint: It was not a good day.) 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My NaNoWriMo Plan // I am going to die

November has begun! And with it the horror we call NaNoWriMo.

If you like competitions, (me) then this is perfect and you will have a tone of fun challenging your friends to Word Wars!

If not, then get ready for stress, tears and a chocolate overdose.

 Or, you could just not do NaNoWriMo... 
 There is one downside to being a book blogger abstaining from NaNo. And that is, during November, almost all the bloggers disappear.

I, for one, am going to abandon my blog so that I can write "in peace."

But not really.

You see, this post you are reading was written the last Friday of September. I normally write my blog posts in advance anyway (though normally we're talking the Saturday before and not the month before) so why should my blog go dormant?

Granted, I probably won't be quick about getting back to you in the comments and, for those of you who blog, I probably won't get a chance to read your posts...

But I'll try and find time once in a while to check my blog. (Make sure it hasn't exploded, etc)
And if that fails, I'll get back to all of you in December.

[Wow. This was supposed to be a quick note at the beginning. Oh well]


It has begun! And by the time you read this, I will probably be typing away furiously.

But I also plan things out FAR FAR FAR in advance, so my plan to beat NaNoWriMo is...

To write an entire chapter a day (3K or more) and on select days write two chapters.

The goal is to finish a 81K novel before the 23rd.

Because I am insane.

And....(if that wasn't bad enough)

  • I'm going to finished plotting my next novel. (Which I am starting the first draft in December) This means a rough plot, detailed chapter by chapter, scene by scene plot. Character development. Brainstorming...
  • If I finish in time, I might start my December novel...
  • Plot a couple other novels.
  • Read a least 35 books
  • Carry on with my crazy life

What are your NaNoWriMo Plans? Finish up an old project? Start a new one THAT YOU ARE SUPER EXCITED FOR! Sit back and laugh at all the people dying from NaNoWriMo?


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

End of October// Aah! NaNoWriMo Starts Tomorrow!

Today is the last day of October.
Which means NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow.
Which means I am super excited and tense and adrenaline filled.

Posts This Month:

Book Reviews:  Awesome Dragons and Magic Castles
Capes, Coffee Shop & Cake//My NaNoWriMo Project
Sunshine and Summer! It's Tag Time!
NaNoWriMo Project: Meet Lily
NaNoWriMo Project: Meet Kace
Liebester Award 2017!
5 Books That Made Me Hungry + Cake
October's Beautiful Books: Capes, Coffee Shops, & Cake
Book Review: Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood
Write What You Know: Horse Girl Quirks


I finished the final preparations for my NaNoWriMo project and plotted out a few more stories.
Including the sequel to Capes, Coffee Shops & Cake and my next project (which I will be starting in December.) I also played around with ideas for a couple other novels.

Books I Read This Month:

  • Provenance: How A Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art
  • Wolf by Wolf
  • Siege and Storm
  • Ruin and Rising 
  •  If We Were Villains 
  • Wonder Woman: Warbringer
  • Scorpio Races
  • Blood for Blood 
  • Princess of Glass 
  • Princess of the Silver Woods 
  • Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow 
  • Name of the Wind
  • Lucky in Love
  • Seraphina
  • Warcross
  • Fairest
  • Tower of Dawn
  • The Elusive Miss Ellison
  • Ship of the Dead

And wow. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow.

And I thought I would be freaking out?  Not like a "I'm scared" freaking out, but an "I am super excited and 95% adrenaline and caffeine at this point" freaking out.

But right now I'm just tired.


(Oh. My NaNoWriMo account! Come find me!)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Write What You Know: Horse Girl Quirks

You know what they say...

Write what you know.

But what if you want to know how a crazy horse girl would behave? And you don' know any?

Well, don't sob.  I, a certified crazy horse girl, is here to tell you how it works

  • You know totally random horse facts. Can probably tell you a thousands different horse breeds and types, a ton of different bit styles (Eggbutt snaffles, D ring snaffle, Curbs)
  • You know every school project can have horses in it. I'm not even kidding. Give me a subject and I can weave horses into it.
  • You can spell Chincoteague. (Yes, I just spelled that from memory and spell-checker has NO IDEA what it is.)
  • If we see horses anywhere, we will point them out. Even if we have horse and are around horses all the time. We will still get excited to see a horse. Or a picture of a horse. HORSE
  • *hears horse people speak across room*
    *appears at speaker's shoulder*
    Did you say dressage?
  • You probably have random horse gear lying around the house....even if we have no horses.
  • You have read just about every horse book ever and watched just about every horse movie ever. Even some weird ones made in the 70's....
  • Are given things by relatives at Christmas and birthdays simply because it had a horse. Just because you're in your twenties doesn't mean you don't want a My Little Pony T-Shirt. Be grateful!
  • Don't worry. You get them back later by either spending the entire holiday meal telling everyone about the trilling history of stirrups or by trying to eat your food like you're a horse and whinnying whenever anyone tries to say something about it.
    (You are probably sent to your room later for kicking your cousin Pete)
    (He deserved it)
  • You don't skip. You canter. And on the correct lead, thank you very much.
  • Your bike was a horse. Probably names Star, Smokey, Ginger, Socks or something like that.
  • And you probably brushed it with all those random curry combs you had lying around your room. And if not the bike, then the long suffering family dog

    Are any of you writing books with a weird horse girl in it? Are YOU a weird horse girl? Do you think I should do more "Write What You Know" posts? (Because I'm gonna)