My First Post

This is my very first post!

I am a teenage author. I am working on a few novels right now and have many many ideas for others. Hopefully I will have one ready for publication by November! On this blog I will whine about my writing, post pieces of my current story and blog about helpful writing tips I've found on the wide wide internet and what I've gathered from other writers!

I am a writer and while I am running two other blogs, I decided to start this one.


Because I want honest feedback on my writing.

All my friends know about my other two blogs and read my stories.
What I want to know, is why my other two blogs have 2000 page views and 1200 page views.
Is it because my friends read it?
Does anyone else actually read it?
Is is my work actually interesting.

So I started this blog, afresh.

Dear readers, I'm going incognito.

So please, call me:

Mary Kate

Oh, and welcome to Hen Scratch!


  1. So what kind of stuff do you write? sci-fi? fantasy? both? something else?

    1. Hey Loger42,
      I swear I squeal when I read your comment! My first comment on this blog! (Haha. Now you know how crazy I am)

      I write mainly fantasy stories. But I have dabbled in historic fiction before and I enjoy trying out new genres. What do you like to write?

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    3. I am only writing one book right now. it's sort of a mix between sci-fi (space ships and lazers pew pew pew) and fantasy (magics and dragons with mystical hues).

      And now you know how crazy I am.

      and now you know how crazy I am.

      if you want I can give you the link to what i've written so far ( I have pretty much the general story laid out in my head, but writing it has proved a challenge), but it's only a one page intro and a 3-ish page fragment of the first chapter.

    4. hmmm.... I know I'm Ocd but is a duplicate sentence worth deleting and reposting?

    5. Also if you have google hangouts, I love to talk to my writer friends all the time (even tho I'm an introvert... or ambivert... by nature. xD

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  3. I'm an introvert too.
    And I would LOVE to read your story (ha. Used the right "your" this time. So proud of myself)

    1. cool. I think I am actually an ambivert. sorat half way between Introvert and Extravert.

      and thanks! I will take all the halp I can get