My Inspiration

When I write I like to listen to music and drink either tea or coffee.

I am currently obsessed with England, and Ireland.

Ireland because I'm German/Irish and England because well...England. It's starting to rub off on me.
I drink tons of Earl Grey Tea and I often say "Bloody"

I didn't mean for it to happen this way. I liked tea before the whole England craze, and Earl Grey was always one of my favorites.

The bloody came from watching too much British TV. I also blame Bex Baxter (Gallagher Girls Series.) I basically only say "Bloody" when I'm really mad and ranting to my friends.

(Any British readers probably think I'm crazy and are wondering "What? Why are Americans obsessed with us?" That or they're like "Muwahaha! They know we're beautiful!" )

I tend to listen to one song over and over. Right now I am listening to Noble Maiden Fair, the celtic lullaby that was in Brave. It is sung in Gaelic (Or was it in Scottish?) and I am trying to memorize it so I can sing it to my future kids.

Which will probably not be for a long long time, considering I'm 17....

(And don't intend to even get married until I'm out of college....which will take awhile because I want to get my DVM.)

But anyway, it's also really calming and pretty.

I also like listening to "Calming Zen Music" or "Nature sounds" while I type.

Or Celtic soundtracks, pirate soundtracks, etc depending on what I'm writing about.

Or I listen to the Piano Guys ( I love their Mission Impossible Soundtrack music video.)

I also like to write right before bed. My sisters go to bed before I do, so I sit up and type.

(Silence = Bliss)

Then I go to bed when I get to a spot where the story stops flowing.

And I go to bed and brainstorm what should happen next until I find the PERFECT scene. Then I happily roll over and go to sleep.

Somehow I remember it when I wake up again....probably because my brain gets really excited and plays the scene over and over.

And then I continue to day dream about that scene all day and then type it down at night, keep the story going as long as I can, then repeat!

Are there any writers reading this?
What do you do for inspiration while writing?

-Mary Kate-


  1. hmm... I listen to dubstep (lyricless, of course, because words distract me).

    I also talk a lot with writer friends before/after/during writing (basically I am always talking to friends and one of them usually happens to be someone who writes). I don't really have a set time for writing because my school schedule is so full, but before bed sounds like a good idea :)

    I also speak with a british accent a lot, because of doctor who xD and all the other great BBC shows out there. and I love a hot cup of tea while I'm writing. Coffee is good too, but mmmm some delicious steamy hot tea!

    I think that about covers it.

  2. I normally listen to lyric-less music too, except select songs. Isn't it funny how some are distracting and some aren't?

    My friends call my British accent and terminology my "Adoptive Britishness." I normally start using it when I get mad...

    Tea! Tea! Tea! (What kind do you like to drink?)

    1. yass I know! I love some music with lyrics. but for the most part yeah the lyricless stuff is best.

      haha I just use mine all the time now. it's like a second language.

      and... just normal tea. I think the brand we usually get is red diamond