I've always been a little afraid of traditional publishers.

I didn't understand what they did and I thought I would be taken advantage of.

But the thing is. self-publishers can take advantage of you too.
I'm learning about traditional publishers and slowly, my fear is going away.

By the time I have my story, Daughter of the Moon, ready for publication, I think I'm going to give the tradition publishers a chance.

Has anyone here ever published a book? (Or is considering publishing?)
Which one do you prefer? Tradition or Self Publishing? And why?

-Mary Kate-


  1. I have never published anything (yet!) sadly.

    I plan to get my book published once I finish it but that's still a long way down the road...

    also... you wouldn't happen to know how to get a book on audible would you?

    1. by "get a book on audible" I mean publish something to audible.

  2. hmmm. No, I have never looked into it....(google it)