A Writer's A-Z List

(Please note, it was kind of late when I wrote this...)

A- Agents (People who spread your books around)
B- Books and Blogging (Literally our life)
C- Caffeine (COFFEE)
D-Descriptions (So you know what characters look like)
E-Editing (Aka Torture)
F-FREEDOM (Because look at you. Making up worlds and stuff)
G-Grape (See J)
H-Highlighter Pens (To save us during editing)
I-Internet (Distraction or a helpful tool. You decide)
J- Jelly (You actually thought Jelly was important to writing?)
K-Killing off your favorite character (Because we are evil and enjoy seeing you cry. Muwahahaha!)
L-Lists (We like lists. Especially when they are alphabetized)
M-Motivation (Duct taping yourself to the chair until you finish that chapter)
N-Notes (That we doodle all over everything when we get ideas)
O-Opinions (Sometimes we want them, sometimes we don't)
P-Procrastinating (We put the "Pro" in "Procrastinate")
Q-Quirks (I'm not sure if these are out quirks or character quirks. Either way...)
R-Readers (We love you. Seriously)
S-Sorrow (Running out of tea and coffee)
T- Tea (When you need a hot drink, but don't want coffee. Plus it feels POSH)
U-Not how you spell "you"
V-VICTORY!!! (When you finish the first draft)
W-Wall (What you stare at to gain inspiration)
X-(Don't look at me! I don't know anything that starts with "X" either)
Y- y me? i didnt sign up 4 dis (How we write after hours of crafting the perfectly worded and punctuated chapters you will someday read)
Z-Zilch (Our motivation sometimes)

What did you think of my little list?

-Mary Kate-


  1. this list is pretty much my life... I give it a 10/10 for accuracy

  2. I couldn't think of anything for j....