Beautiful People: March

Beautiful People!
This is a blogger link up....for you up.

It's based around characters.Once a month, Sky and Cait make a list of questions for you to answer about your beloved (or very annoying characters)

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(I know I've been working on Nick, but Zoe is the MC, so I'm doing her. Plus she is my favorite. [Don't tell Nick]

1. What is their favorite book, play, movie, etc? 
There aren't really a lot of books and she doesn't really have time for plays, what with being a assassin and all. But if she read, I think she would like to read a romance or something. Something to take her mind of the job. Probably would watch cheesy romances. But she would NEVER read/watch  anything like that in front of people. There is no way she would let anyone know. She would see it as a weakness.
2. Anything they regret doing?
Maybe not having a normal life??? I don't think she regrets anything. Even though she may have gone through some hard time she A) knows it made her who she is and B) the things she would change aren't things she did

3. If they were sick or wounded who would take care of them? 
For the most part she would just deal with it. If she was so bad she had to be taken care of....well, if she was on a mission, her partner would take care of her. If she was back at the main camp, the healers would take care of her. If she had to be taken care of for long periods of time I guess her mentor would do that

4. Is there an object they cant bear to part with and why?
A silver moon necklace her mom gave her. Because her (dead) mom gave it to her.

5. Describe five ways to win their heart (or friendship): 
1. Meet her in the woods
2. Enjoy competing on EVERYTHING
3. Like the same things she does
4. Bring her coffee
5. Joking, It's impossible. She doesn't like friends.
6. Describe their typical outfit from top to bottom:
White shirt, vest with knife (Vengeance), cloak/ coat. (It's reversible. One side is grey/green the other is pitch black. The coat hides the top of her thighs where another knife (this one in Insanity)  is strapped on over the top of her pants and then she had tall deerskin boots with a boot knife in each (Misery to the left and Silence to the right). She carries a quiver and bow as well.   
7. Favorite type of weather? 
Fall-ish weather. Warm during the middle of the day, but crisp and slightly cold the rest of the day.
8. Worst fight they've ever been in?
That, my friend, is classified. Besides, she's been in a lot of fights. Probably the one she got the scar from.
9. Names or Nicknames they've been given over time:
Everyone calls her Zoe. I haven't decided if her family ever gave her a nick name...
10. What makes them feel alive? 
Hunting through the silent woodlands.

Ta da!
The end!

-Mary Kate-


  1. I love that all her knives have different names! Is this something common to all assassins in your MC's world or something personal to her?

    1. The other assassins name their weapons too. I actually named the daggers to cope with Marissa Meyer's Heartless. Have you ever read it?

    2. The best. Really emotional though.

  2. Love her weapons' names! And that she's tough and don't need nobody to take care of her :'-) she sounds like my kind of girl x

  3. Ooh, this sounds COOL. I went back and read what the story was about, it sounds awesome! Let's hope it gets published soon so I can read it. :)

  4. Thank you so much! I hope to publish it someday. (lol. I have to write it first)