Camp NaNoWriMo Packing Kit!

Anytime you go to camp, there is special gear you need to bring! 
(Also, I like making lists) 

April begins in three days.

Which means....

CAMP NANOWRIMO BEGINS IN THREE DAYS!!! (I'm a little excited, if you haven't guessed)

To Do List:

  • Join NaNoWriMo. 
  • Figure out what cabin you're in! (Yes. We have cabins)
  • Either plot out story line or have a rough idea of what you want to write.
  • Charge laptop, phone, iPod, etc and find chargers
  • Stock up on coffee, tea, and sports drinks, (or whatever you drink)
  • Also stock up on snacks, and chocolate, 
  • Create a writing playlist
  • If your a blogger, you can work ahead and write all your April blog posts now and schedule them to be posted. 
  • Gather Supplies (See below)

Supplies and Gear

  • Socks. FUZZY socks. April can be a bit nippy and the last thing you want is to be distracted by your cold toes. That story won't write itself! (Also, I like socks)
  • Pillow. (Extremely helpful if you are taking the entire month off and will spend all of April glued to you laptop. Then you can just sleep on the desk!)
  • Fuzzy blanket. Because who wants to write without a blanket cap? (Also, see above)
  • Favorite Coffee Mug (Or all the mugs...that way you don'y have to do dishes! .....right?) 
  • Water bottle. Don't get dehydrated!
  • Nail polish, a good book, or whatever you plan to do during your break. 
  • Ink pens and scratch paper
  • Don't forget the frozen pizza! Or other quick to make food. If you want to be healthy, make as many meals in advance as you possibly can.

What do you suggest for Camp NaNoWriMo prep?

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-Mary Kate-