Daughter of the Moon Snippet

I updated my "Daughter of the Moon" page!

(I really need to change the title. There are a ton of songs by the same name and there is also a series about immortal moon girls or something....)

Anyway, it still says basically the same bloody thing, but now

There is a snippet! Hurrah!

This snippet!

A curse lay on the castle. Everything and everyone lay still and silent, sleeping. In the top tower lay a girl with golden hair spilling out onto her pillow. A sunbeam drifted through the window and lit up her face. She didn’t know how long she slept, but she woke with a happy tingling feeling that started in her lips and spread outwards over the rest of her body. She felt amazingly happy and didn’t know why. She smiled and opened her eyes. A tall man with brown hair and a roguish smile stood over her, an empty syringe in his hand. A few drops of bright blue liquid dripped off the end and onto the stone floor. The Serum. “What were you expecting?” Zoe chided herself. “True Love’s Kiss?” The happy feeling died and turned to ice water in her veins, but the girl was a highly trained agent, so she kept her smile and stretched her arms above her head.
“Hey Nick.” She said, still smiling. “You took your sweet time.”
Nick looked down at her and raised an eyebrow. “Like you should complain, Zoe. You got to sleep through everything.”

Sorry, it's a little rough. It's still a first draft....


-Mary Kate-


  1. Thanks! It was going to be based off of Sleeping Beauty at first (I love fairy tale re writes) but the characters have a mind of their own and the story line kind of shifted. :)

    1. LOL yay!!!! I'm not the only one that does that xD