First Month Update

Week Four is almost over, Which means I need to write down what I learned from this week...
To be honest, instead of working on research I've actually been *Gasp* writing.

In fact, Monday night I sat down and wrote a whopping 2,000+ words.
In two hours.

Granted, I had both a energy drink and a coffee in those hours, but still. I've been trying to keep up the flow. Starting last Saturday, I started recording when I wrote, and how many words I wrote.
So, I think I'll share my word count next Saturday.

Sunday is the first month anniversary of my blog! Yay.
So I will be sharing this past months blog stats with you too.
(Don't worry, I won't be doing this every month.)

You know, if I don't want posts doubled up, I need to write my "Week Four" post today...

Which means I need to stop blathering and drinking tea and get cracking.

-Mary Kate-