Names and World Building: Week Four Report


I did a post on names {Here} and one on World Building {Here}

Zoe:  Her name means life, I think. Greek origin. I didn't choose her name based off any ironic meanings.To be honest I named her of Zoe Nightshade. (I know, I know. I have a dam problem*)

Nick: There was a list somewhere or other with the most popular names recently. I just chose his name off that list. I have no idea what his name means.

I have the other people's basic characteristics down, but most of them aren't named. The one other person I have named is Fay, the quiet woodland healer, and Zoe's friend. Fay means fairy, which I thought was a nice touch, given how close she is to nature and what not

And besides that, I haven't named anyone else. (Except for that random dude who will never appear in the story again.)
I did name Nick and Zoe's two horses, and their weapons.

Dawn and Dusk: Dawn is Zoe's and Dusk is Nick's. The two horses are twin dappled grays. They were bred by the same people and Nick and Zoe picked them out separately. They were already named. Despite being twins, Nick and Zoe can tell them apart. (Besides that fact that Dawn is a mare and Dusk is a gelding.) Dawn is a lighter color of grey, closer to white and her dark points are closer to black. Dusk's dappled are closer to brown. The brown is a reddish color in some spots. Dawn is calmer, (mainly because Zoe is a better rider...)

Vengeance, Insanity, Silence, Sadness: Zoe's daggers were named by me during my period of morning after I finished Heartless. Have you read it? If so, can you guess who the daggers are named after?

Chaos: Nick's sword. Nick's sword, like all the weapons belonging to the people in the currently nameless assassins group, is magic. I haven't decided how yet, but that's ok, since Zoe hasn't figured out how it works either. When I figure it out, then Zoe will discover it in the story (Now watch as I never figure it out and it's never mentioned in the first book. Then you'll all nod to yourselves. Yep. She never figured it out)

World Building:

I don't have time to explain the whole world to you, so basically it's a mixture of medieval life style, with some more modern views and resources, and fantasy animals, plants, and potions.

-Mary Kate-

*It's a dam Percy Jackson thing. You wouldn't understand