Quirks, Character Development and Nick

I know I said I would be posting this week about character development, but honestly. I am a very busy person! I am running two other blogs, (or was it three), writing a novel, spring is here (mostly) so: house and yard work (Yippee) and on top of that..... Midterms.    *Gasp*

This post is about "Quirks"
To make your character interesting, I suggest giving them quirks. There is some long blog somewhere about the difference between quirks, habits, and something.....but I wasn't really listening.

There are a ton of lists of character quirks that you can scroll through. You can also do character questionnaires. Those are fun. I suggest you don't skip any of the questions. While it may not matter what flavor of ice cream your character likes (especially in a world where there is no ice cream *Gasp* that was a horrifying thought.)
But there is a difference between the person who buys those cheap gallon tubs of Neapolitan ice cream and the person who buys gourmet brands with whole vanilla bean seeds in it, ya know?

But you want to know about Nick.

Nick is a mischievous assassin. I find he complements Zoe well, they are opposites in a lot of things.
He sleeps in in the morning, (if he's not working) and she wakes up at the crack of dawn. He is impulsive, likes to joke around, loves junk food, kind of messy.

He loves to socialize and he is very VERY competitive.

Sadly, he is still not as developed as I would like, so I'll still be working on that. One good thing is a decided on the villain! *Sigh* The villain is so awesome, but I won't say. No spoilers :)

-Mary Kate-