The problem with being a writer is recharging your brain. While with other things, you can just go and sit somewhere quiet, as a writer, the second you stop thinking about something the plot bunnies attack and start jumping around your brain. Or all your characters start arguing, demanding attention.
As a writer, the best way to recharge is to make your brain do something different. Read a book, watch a movie, learn ballroom dancing. Do some yoga. Learn to play the piano. Take out a Shakespearean play and recite while acting it out (I told you I'm a Shakespeare nut). Bake some cup cakes!

Keep your brain busy!

Besides your brain, there are other things that need a break sometimes.

Your poor fingers!

I try to get up and go do something, but the chair calls me back like chocolate (ha. You thought I was going to say something else) and I'm typing away again in under a minutes.

So, to fix this: I give myself a manicure. Well, normally it isn't a full manicure, I just trim them (they feel better with shorter nails and the constant typing can make them a bit ragged anyway) and give them one quick coat.

This way I have to wait until they are completely dry or, horror of horrors, I might get nail polish on my keyboard.

(And considering that I tend to paint my nails red, it might look like I typed until my fingers bled. )

-Mary Kate-


  1. I don't use nail polish/paint/whateveryoucallitthingy. the red on my keyboard is actually... (you guessed it!) strawberry jam!

    1. You do realize as a blogger I feel obligated to reply to all comments? What am I even supposed to say to this? Besides your keyboard is really sticky.

    2. lol. maybe... "eww, that's gross."

      also... even if Im watching a movie, reading a book, or listening to music my mind is always thinking about how to integrate the content of those things into my book. somehow. like the whole idea of basing it in a galaxy came from a game I play called Mass Effect, as well as the idea for multiple races. The Idea of Magic came from an anime I watch called Fairy Tail, the idea for a race that rules from the shadows came from a game I play called Metroid (not a typo), the idea for dragons also came from Fairy Tail, the idea of time traveling technology came from Doctor who, the idea of my second main character came straight from Mass Effect (don't tell EA I said that...), and the very premise of the plot itself came from looking back at my own life.