Yay! Research is  one of my favorite parts of writing, so there will probably be more posts then usual this week (Ha. Now watch as I completely forget about my blog until Friday) 

Today, I will be talking about names. 

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose 
By any other names would smell as sweet" 
Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet *

Yes, but you can't bloody well go around calling all your characters Rose. That would just be weird and REALLY confusing.

So don't.

But how do you find names for fictional characters?
The same way you find names for real people. Baby websites.

The best part is looking at the name definitions and giving your characters ironic names.

AND what about LAST names?
Well, you could try googling "last name generators" and use whatever comes up.
But do you know what I like?
Just go walk around the cemetery with a little note book.
(If anyone asks, just say "I'm a writer." Somehow that is always a valid excuse.)

Writing fantasy? (Cause fantasy is the best)
The sight I like to use is:

If you scroll all the way to the bottom, they have weapon names, character description generators, mythical animal names.
So go check that out.

How do you find character names? Drink a few gallons of chocolate milk until you're high on sugar and record whatever random gibberish you start saying and use that for names? What ever it is, tell me in the comments!

-Mary Kate-

*Please Note: While I do like Shakespeare, I DO NOT like Romeo and Juliet. Seriously, Romeo, it's a teenage crush. Get over it. Don't go kill yourself like a bloody drama queen. I'm looking at you too Juliet.


  1. I actually just make on names on the fly, or use names I already know and like. Elidoryn, Aneli, and Nylee are a few of my made-up names.

    How would you go about research for an entirely fictional world? if it's all completely made up (except a few base traits that all universes share with this one, and some historical information)

  2. I also made up the name for three of the species in my book. the first I actually wanted to mean something specific: Maof, meaning... umm... I forgot. I think it meant something like "beings of the great planet" or something... but I have no idea what language that's in xD. the second one was an alternate name for Neptunian, because that just sounds weird and icky to me, so I made up Nephrillous, which also doubles as Nephrill xD which is fitting because they are (or were) the most powerrful race in the galaxy, and the oldest. the last one was just random: Cartschule. I thought it sounded cool. xD