Awkward and Awesome


  • When you start mentally reviewing dialog. In public. And people see you. (By "mentally reviewing dialog, I mean you were literally saying both sides of a conversation. Possibly out loud, but definitely with facial expressions. Extra points if it was a heated argument or witty back and forth banter and if you were using different voices.)
  • Feeling obligated to response to all the comments, but you can't think of anything intelligent to say. (Just so you know, in case I one day respond with "I like cheese." )
  • Writer's Block
  • People asking about your book. You either start explaining and talk for three hours or until they chew their own leg off and escape or you sit there in horror thinking "Maybe if I play dead they'll go away.
  • My stupid cat that keeps jumping up on my lap, (using its claws to pull itself up) and rubbing on my face. And then it leaves and I get to sit her with some cat hair in lip balm and something that looks kind of like this all over my writing: lka;'/g/;'ch;l.c';lk.fjmkfdxjdx. Yay. Thanks Princess. 
  • The Internet, aka The Black Hole That Sucks Away My Life And All My Free Time
  • When you sit down and start writing out your story and....suddenly the characters take it an completely different way. No. Stop. I CREATED YOU. What are you doing? 
  • Your search engine history lists things like
     "How to maim somebody"
    "What does a dead body smell like?"
      "Baby Names"
            *weak laugh* nobody's using my computer anytime soon.


  • Followers. You guys are the best. There are five of you now. The making of my own little army! Muwahahaha! 
  • Coffee and Tea, the liquid that powers my writing life. (Actually, all my life.) 
  • When you get into a flow and your fingers just glide across the keyboard and you look up and it's hours later, but also chapters later. 
  • The Internet, where I gain inspiration, and find songs to listen to while I write.
  • When this awesome scene comes together in your head and you just kind of sit there and stare at the blank wall with a dumb look on your face while you wait for it to play out 
  • Food
  • More Food 
  • Free Food                                                                                                                                       
              ( I am now sitting here trying to gain inspiration, but now all my brain can think is foooood)
  • Pinterest, which also sucks away my life if I'm not careful, but is also an awesome place to pin ACOTAR and ACOMAF and TOG Fandom stuff find inspiration for my characters and useful tips to improve my writing skills! *
  • When you see someone in public who looks JUST like one of your characters from the book your writing. (And no, I do not suggest walking up to them to apologize for killing of their loved ones and ruining their life....They don't like that) 
  • READING A BOOK: No! No, please don't kill of my characters! Please! WRITING A BOOK: Die! Die! Die! Muwahahahaha
  • The "I'm A Writer!" Excuse. It literally works for anything. Why are you looking up poisonous flowers? Writer.  Writer. Why are you walking through a graveyard writing now people's names? Writer. Why is there some dudes body in your freezer? Writer.  
  • Picking names that have weird or ironic meanings to them

-Mary Kate-

*LIES (If you must know, the board with the most pins is labeled "Maas Destruction" and has 100+ more pins then any other board.