Book Turnoffs

The Top Five Reasons I Would Put Down A Book And Never Read It (Or Look At It) Again

I'm only doing five today, instead of the suggested ten, because I don't have that many book turnoffs. Basically, if it has pages and the pages have letters, I'll consider reading it.

1. Bad Cover and Boring Blurb
Granted, this isn't an end all. If someone tells me they loved it and I trust their opinion, I'll go read it. Maybe. Or if it's sitting there bored and I'm sitting there bored....maybe.

2. Bad Reviews
I don't just mean it has a few one star reviews. I mean if it didn't have an overall star rating of over two....yeah, It isn't looking goof for it. And if some of my friends with similar reading taste say they hated it and give me a strong argument against it, then it's a no.

3. Bad Writer Reputation 
This is mainly what I think of the author. If I've read one of their books before and hated it, then I would be hesitant to pick up another one of their works. But I don't think it would be a complete turn off unless I had read at least three of their books and hated all of them, then I would never read another one of their books.

4. Opening Chapter
You know that magical feeling? When you open a book and the first paragraph just hooks you? Those are the best kind of books. Throne of Glass had an amazing opening chapter, I was immediately interested in the characters and I was already starting to figure out their personalities. A book doesn't have to have an amazing opening chapter. The Virginia was a pretty good book, but the opening chapter? Kind of dull. The opening chapter in and of itself wouldn't be enough to make me stop reading, but added to one of the other turnoffs, it might be enough to make me put the book down. Or, you know, fling it into the sun...

5. Random Reasons I Would Stop In The Middle Of A Book
I almost never abandon a book once I've begun. There have been a few. Harry Potter And The Something Or Other, for example. That particular one I put down because I was bored and had better things to do. (And it wasn't that I hated Harry Potter, it was

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-Mary Kate-


  1. Hmmm, I'm really picky about my books.....maybe I'll steal this linkup too.

  2. I have so many book turn-offs! But number four is probably one of my top ones!!

    1. Me: *Frantically scrolling through to see what #4 was*

      Yes. Although I tend not to toss a book just because its a little slow in the beginning. I read a book this week that was a little slow in the first couple chapters, but I ended up loving it. If you like Pride and Prejudice I HIGHLY suggest you read it. (It's called Sylvester or The Wicked Uncle and is written by Georgette Heyer)

    2. Oh, and I also think your blog is awesome
      (because yes. I totally went and found your blog)

  3. Yeah bad covers or summaries don't encourage me to dive in but sometimes it's worth it when you get someone that loved it to tell you to overlook that!

    1. Then you just have to find people (whose opinions matter to you ) who give you book reviews!