How To Make And Drink The Perfect Cup Of Tea

(I love tea.)

Option #1

You will need: 

  • A tea kettle (Or teapot, or whatever you use to make tea), 
  • Earl Grey (Because it's the best and I did say a perfect cup of tea), 
  • A mug. (Preferably with a big handle. Why do they even make mugs with small handles???) 
  • Sugar (I like to use plain granulated sugar. Ok, that's a lie. I like to use sugar cubes. But I can't have them in the house or my sister will eat ALL of them) 
  • A spoon (I mean, you can stir in the sugar with your finger if you really want to)
  • Cream* (If you want to drink it like the Brits. Cream mellows out the tea a little and makes the taste smoother.) 
  • Latte Foam** (Putting latte foam on your Earl Grey makes it a London Fog Latte, apparently. Except for it has no coffee, so is it really a latte?) 
  • A Jersey***  (Because if you're going to put cream in it and mask the taste of tea, why not put in a whole cow?)  

1. Put water in the teakettle. Set it on the stove.
2. Go do something useful while you wait for the water to boil. (Or you can sit there and stare at it if you like)
3. Come back and check on water and realize that you forgot to turn on the burner *Sigh*
4. Glare at the stove like it is its fault and turn on the burner.
5. Stay near by the stove and watch
6. Tea Boils! Pour it into your mug!
7. Stick your tea bag in and let it sit. The length varies depending on what type of tea you are using and how strong you like your tea.
8. As soon as the time is up, yank your tea bag out (Not because it will make it bitter or something but because you want to drink is ASAP)
9. Add sugar and cream
10. Set it somewhere and forget about it
11. Remember it an rush back. If your lucky, it will be just a tiny bit on the cool side (If not, microwave it)
12. Drink it as fast as you can before it can cool down again

13. Repeat until someone asks you A.) if  you have a tea problem or B.) If you can get addicted to tea and if so, have you started rehab.
14. Throw your now empty mug in their face and have another cup of tea

Option #2: 
Do the same thing except heat the water up in the mug in a microwave. Actually heat up the water, forget about it and but leave the mug inside the microwave until it is cold.

Well, I hope that's helpful!
Now go make a cup of tea!

-Mary Kate-

*I apologize to anyone who drinks their tea with cream (if I have offended you. Otherwise, no apologies)
** Yes. I have tried it. Wasn't a big fan, but to each their own (Even if your own is gross)
*** That's a type of milk cow.


  1. Step 14. my personal favorite. I do this every time. xD

    1. Yes, it's so refreshing.

      But then the mug tends to shatter

    2. yeah.... such a shame. I started getting Metal mugs because of that.

    3. Sadly, they don't have the same class as a normal mug

    4. yeah. I could paint then to look like ceramic mugs tho.

    5. It just wouldn't have the same heft to it

    6. yeah...

      I could line them with Lead. that would weigh them down a bit.

    7. Only if you want lead poisoning.

  2. I prefer Celestial teas, particularily the berry teas (very strong berry flavor and I love it!) Sometimes I'll put honey or even raspberry jam (if I want to go Russian) in my tea. I have noticed that putting whatever sweetner in before the water cools, it dissolves faster. And I'm not a Brit either. No cream please!


    1. I've heard of the jam but I've never tried it. How is it?
      I've also heard that the nomads in the Tibetan Plateau drink their tea with butter in it. (Except the butter is made from yak milk and it has giant salt crystals in it)

    2. It's actually really good. I've had with regular tea and it gives it that fruit flavor that I love :)

    3. I'll have to try it sometime, then

    4. sounds pretty delicious! I'll have to try that too :)