The Problem With Blogging About Your Book

As you know, I've been writing a book.
(Well, actually the book you know about has been scrapped, give or take and parts of it have been shoved into two other stories, but whatever. Just forget everything you know about my book)

But you see, I want to tell you all about the story, The plot, the awesome characters, EVERYTHING! But at the same time...I don't want you to know the story. I don't want it to come out it's a 10,000 word book (I just made that number up. I have no idea how long it will be) and you've already read 9,000 in snippets off my blog. Granted, almost every single scene I gave you would end up being a cliff hanger, (because I'm evil. Muwahahaha)  so the remaining 1000 words would all be answers to that...

But still, that takes all the fun out of it.

So what can I tell you?

Well, title (eventually), names, (eventually), personalities (also eventually)

So, basically nothing....

I will still be doing Beautiful People, (and I'll try and keep my answers as annoyingly cryptic as possible*)

I will give snippets, but not often **. Maybe once a year. Or every 10,000 words (which shouldn't be THAT far apart. I write 800-1,200 words at a time***)

Basically, the only thing I can give you is word count, (because we all know how exciting THAT is), hours logged, and...motivational quotes? IDK

So basically, I'm going to tell you that I wrote, whine about writing and talk about tea. Sounds exciting.

But take heart!

I will start actually writing reviews for the books I've read this year....


If I stop being lazy or maybe cut down on my pinterest time....*collective gasp*

-Mary Kate

*Am I enjoying this too much? Probably
** So enjoy them while you can
***IF I write


  1. That's why I've been avoiding writing about my big projects on The Rebelling Muse, with the exception of a snippet here and a character there. It takes the surprise out of it!

    Though I have been recently asked if I could publish one of my short stories.....

    BTW....have you seen if the April Beautiful People is up yet??? I've been checking every week and it hasn't shown up *sad face*


    1. I, for one, would LOVE to read your stories. And no, I don't know why April's Beautiful People isn't up sad :(