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In case you don't already know, I LOVE getting tagged.
(Blogging tags, not Freeze Tag tags. Those are just annoying)

Anyway, I've been tagged by the great, the amazing Catherine! *trumpet fanfare*
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Let's begin, shall we?

What Genres, Styles, and Topics Do You Write About?

I like to dabble in a little bit of everything, but normally I write Fantasy or Historic Fiction. I have written some poem like things, but they tend to get added to the novels.

I like writing in third person. Sometimes I try and start a book in First person and end up going back and rewriting the whole thing in third person. I'll sometimes write with more then one person's POV, but I normally stick to just one.

The topics I tend to write about...I don't know. The story I'm working on write now is....well, I can't really say right now. No spoilers. But when I write poems, they tend to be about war, battle, soldiers, etc.
(They're not very happy poems)

How Long Have You Been Writing?
I was eight when I first sat down and started working on a story. I actually finished the book, (It was like, five pages long or something) Anyway,  I've been writing ever since.

Why Do You Write?
Because I get so many ideas for characters and scenes and plots and if I don't write them down, they start driving me crazy.

When Is The Best Time To Write?
When it's quiet! Which for me, tends to be after dinner, once my young sisters have gone to bed and the whole house starts to quiet down. But I try and write when ever I can, since I only get about an hour or two in when I work on it at night. Also because I like writing with a cup of Early Grey, coffee, or a Monster Drink (Khaos is my favorite, but I'll also drink the Ultra Sunshine.)
The coffee and the Monster drink are obviously bad ideas at night, but it turns out, Earl Grey also has a lot of caffeine.

What Are The Parts Of Writing That You Love? What Parts Do You Hate?
Well, I hate those scenes that you're just "I know what I want to happen, but I can't make it flow."
Or those scenes between two scenes that. Just. Won't. Go.

And I basically love everything else. It's just such an amazing feeling. Sitting down, watching the words appear on the screen, your fingers flying. Watching these characters coming to life, naming them, ARGUMENT SCENES, the amazement when you look up after you've been entrenched in your story to see that HOURS have flown by, looking at your word count and seeing how much you wrote, the joy and satisfaction of finishing a chapter, the anxiety of watching people read a piece of your work.

How Do You Over Come Writer's Block? 
Dah, dah, dah! Writer's block!
I tend to get around writer's block by simply taking a break. Just get up, go do something like make a batch of doughnuts, box for a couple minuets, whatever you need to do. Then I come back and try again.

If I can't make a scene or the plot work, I just stop.
I think through the scene away from the computer. Normally, it helps if I walk. I can pace in the house I guess, but for the most part I go outside and walk. And then I think while I walk, going through dialogue, actions and such until I have the scene or plot line worked out again, Then I go back and start again.

Or I work on the story, but I do something besides type. Research, try and learn a little more about the publishing process, or I do anything besides type.

Are You Working On Something At The Moment?
Yes, actually. I only have one thing going right now. My current WIP is...Well, I'm trying to not spoil it and I can't tell you the title, because.....
It doesn't really have one. *weak laugh*

Actually, I do have a second WIP. It's a piece of flash fiction that I had to write for my English class. It's done now, but for the class I have to submit it for publication in a magazine, so we'll see how that turns out.

What Are You Writing Goals This Year? 
 For starters, I plan on having my first draft of my novel finished by the end of June.
Then, after a one month break, I'll start on the second draft. I plan I having it done before February next year, but hopefully I will be finished before the year is up. (And then the real editing begins)

And I intend to complete the 2017 NaNoWriMo (In November.) I think the reason I failed the April Camp NaNoWriMo, was because I didn't do any plot work before and I also kind of hated the story idea. (Not to mention this month has been pretty hectic.)

And my crazy goal to read 200 New books in a year.

So, That's it will this tag. But I still have to tag other people, now don't I?

Well then, I tag Gray over at Writing is Life and....

Nobody else, because I am an unsociable potato.

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All of you!

Yes, any of you lovely people out there who are reading this post!


I tag you.

-Mary Kate-


I would tell you where this tag began, but I have no idea where that is? If you know, then 10 points to Slytherin! (But only if you tell me where that is)


  1. This is so cool! I love tags as well, so thank you. 😊

  2. Nice answers, Mary Kate! I have a similar problem with flow (goes with the whole episodic writing style deal).