Things That Immediately Make Me Want To Read A Book

Ten Things That Immediately Make Me Want To Read A Book

1. Pretty Covers
Yes. I judge books by their covers and the blurb on the back. Do you know why? They tell me about the author/publisher. Do they care about their book? How much work did they put into it?
Example: Well, there are a lot of examples, but I'm going to say the Lunar Chronicle covers.
Winter is my favorite.

2. Awesome Back Cover Blurbs 

3. Great Reviews From Friends
These can either be a professionally worded review (even though we are not professionals and our reviews are delivered to each other verbally), explaining why the enjoyed this book.

They tend to sound like this:

You should read "I'd Tell You That I love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You." I think you would enjoy it. The plot is detailed and interesting, the characters are understandable, yet not boring. I also enjoy Ally Carter's writing style.

The other great review tends to sound....a little different. More like:

Friend:*Comes flying up* MARY! MARYMARYMARY! I JUST  *gasping for breath* READ *more gasping* THE MOST AMAZING BOOK! *waves "Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy" in front of my face* YOU HAVE TO READ IT! GO READ IT, GO READ IT GO READ IT!"

Me: *sitting there with my cup of tea* Ok, ok. Chill. What is this book called? And who is the author?

CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO SPY!!!!!!!!!!! *High pitched screaming*

Me: *Puts my hands on their shoulders* Deep breath! Author?

Friend: *Scream in my ears*  ALLY FLIPPEN CARTER!

Friend: *trying to hold in fangirling*

Me: *sips tea*


Me: *Gives them funny look*

Friend: *grabs my socked foot and holds it* IN THE HALLWAY! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOODY HALLWAY! DURING FINALS! HE...SHE.....*SHRIEKS*

Granted, sometimes I'm the friend.....but if someone gave me a book review like that I'd go read it. (And not just to get them to let go of my foot and get off the floor)

4. When It's The Next Book In A Series And The Evil Author Just Left Me With A Horrible Cliffhanger.
I'm looking at you, John Flanagan, Rick Riordan and Derek Landy (BTW, this is further proof of my little conspiracy.). And YOU Sara J Mass, High Lady of RIPPING OUT MY TINY LITTLE HEART AND DANCING ON IT AND LEAVING IT BLEEDING ON THAT BLOODY  BEACH!*  
*Screams in pain*

5. When I LOVE The Author or "Know" The Author (By stalking following their story on their blog.)

6. When It Is About A Subject I Enjoy. Fantasy, Warriors, Weapons, Assassins, Spies, Historic Fiction, Death, Dragons,Horses.....(though I tend not to read a lot of horse books these days because they tend to be filled with bratty teenage girls and girl hate. Why? WHY?)

7. When The Opening Page Grabs You And Yanks You Into The Book
Right now, the BEST book I can think of, the one that I would say has THE BEST opening chapter is Throne of Glass. I immediately knew the characters, loved Celeane, and was so excited to see what they would do next! (What happened next? It reached through the page and killed me. That's what)

8. Pretty Formatting. 
This isn't so much of a make or break kind of thing, but if the book has pretty formatting and nice sized lettering, YAY! What pops into mind is The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. So pretty. Especially Cinder. Did you see how she acknowledged the bloggers who helped her with her book? With all the blog names positioned in the shape of a shoe? *bliss*

9. An Interesting and Fast Paced Plot. 
This is also something that is for when I am already reading the book. I don't  put a book down halfway through just because it gets a little boring. I'll read it, but I won't like it!

10. Rain And A Cup Of Tea
Ok. This doesn't make me want to read any certain book, just any book. But it also lowers my book pickiness. Because I just want to curl up by a window with a blanket, a cup of Earl Gray ** and a book. If I have nothing to read, I will literally pick up anything.

Me: *reading book*
Mom: *walking through room* "What are you doing?"
Me: "Reading Churchill's "The History of England Volume II."
Mom: *nods and slowly backs away*

So, that's it! This blog post was inspired by The Broke And The Bookish and their weekly Top Ten Tuesday Link up. Be sure to go check out this weeks post!

What makes you want to read? 

-Mary Kate

*No pun intended by the word "bloody"


  1. Hi! I love beautiful book covers! And I realize I should have added next book in a series to my list, too. I love and hate that anticipation of waiting for the next book in a series haha.
    My TTT

    1. Sorry I took so long to respond! School. Ugh.
      Just waiting for a book and then you try and pass the time by starting another series, but then you have to wait for TWO books to come out and just ugh.
      (Meanwhile I'm over here writing as slow as a tree sloth swimming through jello so I shouldn't complain.)
      -Mary Kate