Top Ten Fandoms

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This weeks subject: Top Ten Fandoms I'm Part Of!

1. L.O.T.R.
I've been in the Lord of the Rings fandom since....oh, I don't know....I could walk? Probably when my brother read it out loud to me and my siblings. That's right. He read the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy to us. (Not all in one sitting of course, just when ever we were in the car, or something.) We own the extended edition and our family rule was you had to be 13 to watch it. As soon as I was old enough, literally the day I turned 13, I watched the first movie and I fell in love. If you want to know how crazy I am, I watch the entire extended edition, all the way through, Fellowship, Two Towers and Return of the King, FIFTY TIMES before a year had passed.

2. The Lunar Chronicles
I only just read this series this year. If you haven't read it, go read it. It's by Marissa Meyer and do I really need to give you a reason besides A.) It's EXTREMELY well written. B.) Diverse characters (personality wise and race wise) C.) It's a fairy tale retelling that is written so the fairy tales doesn't ruin the story line, but adds to it. D.) It's a Sci Fi Fairy Tale
I mean, come on. You've got a cyborg Cinderella who works as a mechanic, (And yes. she looses her foot at the ball, not her shoe) A awesome Red Riding Hood who can fly a fighter and threatens people with shotguns (all stuff she learned from her badass grandma) and a wolf who is street fighter. Rapunzel is stuck in a satellite (and is really good with computers), and an Evil Queen who rules the colony on the moon and is trying to take over the Earth! All good stuff!
Look. I don't care if your a guy, or a girl or a purple zebra. Go. Read. This, Series.

*Be warned! You will be emotional at the sight of tomatoes after reading the second book.*
If you have already read this series, comment below so I can scream at you (and with you) about tomatoes.

3. Gallagher Girls Series
This series is written by Ally Carter. The first book is called "I'd Tell You That I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You."
Now, that just says something about the series, right?
It's about a posh boarding school in Virginia for bored heiresses. Or at least that's their cover story.
In reality, they train teenage girls to be spies. These books are hilarious and have the perfect mixture of girl stuff and spy stuff.

4. TOG 
Throne of Glass. I just finished this series and honestly....the books weren't that great. They weren't horrible, but literature wise....they were eh. And I happen to love assassin books. But the main character, who was supposed to be the best assassin ever wasn't very....assassiny. Also there were some scene with some *ahem* adult content. It was handled very discreetly in the first book, but then in the last book it was kind of like....."Um, Ok. This is extremely detailed...I did not need to know this. *Skimming ahead* "    I mean, come on. I want more stabbing and taking over the world (or stopping the take over of the world, whatever) and less...that.
I was honestly thinking of just stopping. Not stop reading (I NEVER quit. Though sometimes I wish I just would) but I mean not waiting for the next book to come out.
But the ending. Ah. My heart. I have no idea how Sara J Maas did it. There were just a few pages left and I was all "Eh. I don't really care to read the next book. And then....and then.... Somehow Sara J. Maas has me hooked, heart and soul and I am waiting and waiting for May 2018 for the next book to come out.
So summary. The books aren't amazing, but they still have awesome characters and such. (Although she kind of COMPLETELY changed Choal's personality in the fourth book!)
But somehow, I am madly in love with this fandom I mean, what normal person* sees a hawk sitting some where and starts crying.
BTW: Rowaeiln all the way. They're mates. Fight me.

Another thing I love about this: There are a couple characters and you meet that person and your just like. "Oh, This is the annoying girl in the series." Or you immediately think badly of them. But guess what? Maas then takes that character and shows us how important they are. Like Lysandra. I thought she was going to be annoying. But then....she turns into this awesome person who is Aelin's best buddy and the gal who will always have her back. I love that this book isn't filled with girl hate!

(Except Maeve. But she's more like a demon from hell. She's also not really a girl. She's an immortal fae queen, soo) And EVERYONE hates her. She is literally the Umbridge of TOG. Except we hate her more. She made poor little harry hurt his hand?** Whaaa. That is NOTHING COMPARED TO MAEVE! *angrily screaming*

*Angerily breathing*

*Yoga to calm myself down*

Ok, moving on,

5. Percy Jackson
(Also includes: Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, Heroes of Olympus, Trails of Apollo, etc) 
My favorite is the first series because the narration is amazing. This series is the reason I'm obsessed with ballpoint pens, the Empire State Building, the Hoover Dam, any blue food, owls, the ocean, and Greek mythology.
Random People Reading This: Wow. This girl is crazy.
Me: *Spinning around the room with a New York Yankee cap and an ink pen* IT'S A DAM PERCY JACKSON THING! YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND!!!!

*Ahem* Moving on

6. Disney
Does this one even need an explanation? I mean, is there even anybody who ISN'T a Disney fan? If so...
Dishonor on you, dishonor on your family, dishonor on your cow!

7. P&P
For you non period drama fans, that means Pride and Prejudice.
Random People *walking away*
Me and all the other awesome people: *giving them all the Mr, Colin's wave as they leave*

I also love North and South (North and South ENGLAND, not an American Civil War story. It's about the industrial revolution there.)

8. Marvel 
Yes. There are girls who like Marvel.
Yes, They aren't here for the boys.
And there are girls who aren't there for Captain America and Loki.
I'm here for Natasha beating people up. *gasping happily* Her intro scene in the first avengers movie! *happily clapping to myself like a moron*

9. DC Comics
I actually don;t watch a lot of DC comic movies. I loved the Dark Knight Trilogy, hated Batman V. Superman, and am extremely excited for WONDER WOMAN! I've watched a couple seasons of The Flash and the first six seasons of The Arrow.
And yes, I watch it for the plot.
That's a lie.

50%: Super Hero/blood thirsty, cold hearted assassin
30% Fight Scenes and Archery
10% Plot
5% Salmon Ladder
5% I like TV

10. Ranger's Apprentice!
CIA meets middle ages. Orphaned boy is taken as an apprentice into the Ranger Corps, a highly secretive group that is legendary and totally awesome. I love the fact that in the beginning, Horace is a jerk that we all hate. After all, he's a bully and mean to Will. (Who we ALL love.) But then...Horace gets a taste of his own medicine and forge a bond with Will after they both go through  danger together and just *bliss*
This book isn't a literary treasure like something Tolkien wrote, but still. This book had me laughing, screaming, crying and dancing around my room like a chicken at three in the morning. Also, as a horse nut, I loved all the ranger horse stuff. Tug! Tug! Tug! Tug! Tug!
And Halt! A grumpy character after my own heart!
And coffee! Grumpy, coffee drinking, sarcastic/dry witted, horse loving, super awesome archers! Look it! It's me! (Ok, Not the super awesome archer part...)

Also, I gave a friend the first and second book and not the third. She nearly killed me.
(There is teensy cliff hanger at the end of The Burning Bridge. Just a little one.)

OK! That is my list! Comment below if you are in any of these fandoms. I will try and get back to you via comment, but they may not be something like this
"Yes. I rather enjoyed the prose in the third book of the Throne of Glass Series. What did you think of the way Sara J. Maas ripped our blood pumping muscle and arteries out with her cliff hanger at the end of Empire of Storms? I don't think my aorta is healed yet and I'm not sure it ever shall."


(You've been warned.)

-Mary Kate-

*Though I think we've established that I don't count as a normal person
** And yes. I know she did more then that. Maeve is still worse.


  1. GASP I literally am in all of these! I love all of these fandoms! Great job on summing everything!


  2. Replies
    1. I know!
      Somebody said that girls don't like the Avenger's because of Scarlet Johansson.
      Like, WHAT? What girls are you talking to?

  3. TOTALLY agree with you about Lunar Chronicles. I actually cried when I finished Winter, because the end of the series was so bittersweet.

    I've been meaning to get into Rick Riordan books, but I don't know which series to start with? Any suggestions XD

    - Raine

    1. Winter! Have you read Stars Above? It's a collection of short stories (one of them is Wolf and Scarlet's wedding!)
      Start with Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO) The first book is the Lightning Thief. Then read the Heroes of Olympus, (HOO) and the Kane Chronicles. The Magnus Chase Series (Does the series have a name? I don't know) and The Trials of Apollo. Both only have one book. The second Trails of Apollo book is due to come out soon. (or is it already out?)
      Mary Kate

    2. So, I went over to your blog and
      You're the girl who did the awesome post about TOG merch!