Why I Don't Like Christian Fiction

Ok, ok. Before you jump on me and start hitting me with tasseled pillows (which are evil), yes. I am a Christian. And yes, I do have Christian novels that I like. In fact, some of my favorite books were written by Christians. (The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Screwtape Letters come to mind. )

But have you walked through the Christian Fiction section recently?

I haven't.

I lost hope in that genre long ago.


Well, for starters just about every book in that section has the same theme.        
They tend to be the Prairie School Teacher and Cowboy stories.


I was in Books and Co last week and I walked through the Christian Lit section. It was one giant section of romance novels.

Which isn't all bad. I mean, I enjoyed reading The Virginian and When Calls the Heart. (If you don't know, that last one is the one that started the huge mountie craze.)

But most of these stories, besides having a fairly boring plot (just about every book there has the same plot) the stories are....bleh.

So why don't I like Christian Lit?

Christian writers aren't daring enough. For those of you who don't write, you CAN NOT spend all your writing time worrying what people will think of your book.
If you do, your book will come out...meh.
( I speak from experience. I have a ton of "meh" writings.)

Secondly, any religion in these books feels forced or pasty. And there will be Bible quotes in completely random spots. Talking, doing stuff, more talking, random Bible quote that....kind of fits? I guess?


 How 'bout, instead of flipping through your Bible for quotes that kind of go with your scene, how about you just make the characters morally strong?

Why don't you make them lead lives that inspire other Christians to lead a better life? How about writing characters with strong morals?

Because, honestly when I finished these books, I'm not inspired to go out and lead a better life.

Inspired to stand on a windy  hill in a full skirt with my hair down and stare dramatically into the distance?
Marry a cowboy?

Lead a better life?

Now, I know there are amazing Christian books out there, so if you know of any PLEASE comment below.

Or if you, you know, just want to squeal about mounties.

Either way, I'll be happy to talk.

-Mary Kate-


  1. I can understand some of the frustration, even though I mostly read Christian literature. Amanda Cabot and Staci Stallings do a pretty good job with it.


    1. Thanks, I'll have to look into those....which of their books are your favorites?
      -Mary Kate

  2. I agree, most of them are also pretty cheesy too.


    1. Yes!
      And you just keep going through them, thinking the next one will be good, and it's not and just *sigh*

  3. I can't stand most Christian romance books! Awesome post!! Katie Gregoire also did something similar to this, I think you'll enjoy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXlOx4-Klrs
    Good post, great material, keep it up!

    1. A Youtube video? A funny Youtube video? For me?
      You shouldn't have!'

      (No. You literally shouldn't have. Now I'm going to end up sitting around watching Youtube videos all day. Who needs school any ways?)

  4. I know. It's quite sad.

    I have found however some good (at least partially christian-based) novels. The circle series by Ted Dekker was good. and the Legends of Muirwood series was good too, but sorta slow to me... so I stopped halfway through it. lol.

    1. I should probably give Muirwood a second chance. it was pretty good, but I get bored very easily so, yeah...

    2. Btw, from the very little you may or may not have read from my book, would you call it christian fiction?