Beautiful People: May


It's time for Beautiful People!

(For those of you who don't know, Beautiful People is a writing link up hosted by Cait and Sky
You can find this month's link up here. Beautiful People is a character questionnaire. To participate, go to either Cait or Sky's blog, answer the questions on your blog, link back to them, and leave your link on their blog.) 

As you may know, I'm trying to be as infuriating as I possibly can  not give out too many spoilers and ruin my entire book. Which is tricky, because I can't talk about a lot of stuff.


This months Beautiful People theme is Parents.

Which is wonderful because my MC's parents aren't in the picture. And they don't come into the story much at all.

But this should give you a tiny hint at what the MC is like and gives me a chance to flesh out her personality and background a little more.

Overall, how good is her relationship with her parents? 
Well, they're kind of.....dead. But I mean, if they had been alive, they would have gotten along perfectly.

Does she know both her biological parents? If not, how does she cope with the loss/absence and how did it affect their life?
She knew both her parents a little bit. They died when she was pretty young. Plague of some sort. She developed a habit of not getting too attached to people because the person who raised her wasn't very touchy-feely, you know?

How did their parents meet?
In the woods at night. Her mother had a love of nature and night and her father loved the stars.

How would she feel if she was told, "You're turning out just like your parents." ? 
Not many people know her parents, so it doesn't come up much. So it depends who tells her and how. Mostly, she would take it as a compliment and feel proud. But if they said it like an insult to her parents...

What were your character's parents doing when they were your character's age? 
Happily settle down in a little cottage in the woods with a baby.

(And then they died)

Is there something they adamantly disagreed on?
No. And if there was, so wouldn't know about it.

What did her parents find hardest about raising her? 
Probably the fact that they died.   She was bit of a wild child and was constantly escaping and crawling away.

What's her most vivid memory of her parents?
Playing in the woods at night by a creek. Laughing and dancing with her mother, laying on a blanket as her father pointed out stars to her or told her tales of epic quests.

What was she like as a toddler?
Happy, curious, wild, adventurous, and had a fierce hatred for onion soup
(JK. I just made that up.)

Why and how did the parents choose your character's name? 
Her name, means "dusky."
Her mother loved nature, and the night and her father loved the stars. So it was perfect.

Ok, that's it!

(This was a rather depressing post, thank you very much but I guess it did help me flesh out her background a little more...)

-Mary Kate-


  1. Huh, I've never heard of this... I'll do it!

    1. That's ok, I hadn't heard of it until Mary Kate put one a couple of months ago....can't wait to see yours, Gray!

  2. This is so intriguing! I love character questionnaires!
    Dawww, this is so sad, but I can't help but feel that it'll get happier. :)

    1. ummm....


      Yeah, sure it gets happier.

      *sweats nervously*

    2. Do I sense that my dear Mary Kate is going to torture her characters????

    3. Ah, but of course I will.

      Did you expect me to let them lead their happy little lives



    4. I should know by now that the answer is no....but I'm still allowed to hold some shred of hope, can't I??

  3. The poor child!!! *cries*
    I am just beginning my WIP, so....... My book is really depressing at the moment.... O-o

  4. Ha! You sound just like me when my sister reads my heart wrenching writings. Lol
    My WIP is like, WHYYYYY?!?!?! *falls to knees*

  5. I don't know - I kind of like the fierce hatred for onion soup! It could spark off lots of interesting questions as to WHY she had such a strong dislike of it. And then you could have a bit later in the story where she has to eat onion soup and everyone else is all 'Will you eat the soup already?' and she's sitting there lost in some deep-rooted emotional trauma centred around.....onion soup. lol

    1. She's kind of the hard core warrior type who will eat whatever and sleep on rocks and be just fine...