So I stole this tag from Cait at Paper Fury, who in turn stole if from Shannon on It Starts At Midnight.

It's called the #IDareYou  Book Tag (ID are you?)

It originally had only 18 questions, but Cait added two more, And since I'm stealing this post from her, I am stealing her added questions, AND her idea by adding two of my own.


Pretty soon this tag will be one big out of control snowball gathering questions as it rolls along the Internet.

1. What Book Has Been On Your Shelves The Longest? 

Probably, Haunt Fox by Jim Kjelgaard.

This book has been around since before I understood that "Haunt" is another word like "Phantom." I thought they just misspelled hunt. Huh.

Anyway, this guys books are amazing. He also wrote other books about dogs, including Snow Dog and Big Red. (Snow Dog is my second favorite.)  I happen to love this one the most, because I love foxes and this writer is like a second Jack London, (but better)
 Also he has a fun name.
And this book is cool.
Plus I like Star, and Vixen.


2. What Is Your Current Read, You Last Read And Your Next Read? 

Previous Read: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Current Read: A Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy

Next Read: The Assassin's Daughter by Jameson Smith (You can find her blog here)

3. Book You Did Everyone Like, but You Hated? 
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I couldn't relate to the characters and I found the writing style boring.
The Harry Potter books. I just didn't really get into these stories. I mean, I kind of enjoyed it, but I also found myself mentally rewriting sentences, and finding spots were she left out something like a "the" or "a" or something.
There was also that one spot where Hermione is like "I understand the mind erasey thing in theory..."
AFTER she told us that she wiped her parents memory?

4.  What Book Do You Keep Telling Yourself That You'll Read, But Probably Won't. 

The Maze Runnner.
I'm TRYING to read all the popular pop-cultury books, but it's hard ok?
I don't like a lot of them.
And I'm just reading them like "This is boring."
And it's not like I can't read boring stuff. I read non-fiction and biographies for fun, ok?
(Only the well written and interesting ones, but still)

5. Which Book Are You Saving For Retirement? 

As in, not reading it until I'm old...um, why wait to read a book when you can read it now?

6. Last Page: Do You Read It First Or Save It For The End? 

What?!? Who would even do that? Why, why, why would you deliberately spoil a book for yourself?

7. Acknowledgements? Waste of Paper and Ink or Are They Interesting? 

I used to skim over them, but now I always read them. Some of them are super hilarious, like Derek Landy's in Skulduggery Pleasant and some are amazingly cool, like Marissa Meyer's acknowledgement to all the blogger's that helped her with Cinder.

8. Which Book Character Would You Switch Places With? 

Gillan from the Ranger's Apprentice. I was going to say Will Treaty, so I could be one of Halt's apprentices, but....Will doesn't lead the easiest life. Gillian is also one of Halt's apprentices. Plus he is super cool.

9. Do You Have A Book That Reminds You Of Something Specific In Your Life?

No. Not really. But a lot of books have memories. (Or rather, a lot of books bring back memories of me reading it one a trip or something)

10. Name A Book That You Acquired In A Interesting Way?

Sylvester or The Wicked Uncle by Georgette Heyer. My friends and I are always trading books after church, but we normally decide to swap books before or the other person has been talking about that book forever.
Well, in this instance, one of my friends just walked up to me and handed me a book and said "Here. You have to read this and tell me what you think."
So I read it. And I loved it.

11. Have You Ever Given Away A Special Book To A Special Person?

You think I would give away my babies? *laughing* No. The more precious the book, the less likely I am to loan it out. And I don't think I have ever just given a book away. Not unless I deliberately went and picked it out as a gift for them.

12. Which Book Has Been With You To The Most Places? 

I actually don't take books with me many places. I can't read in the car. (Motion sickness. The curse of a bookworm) and I my mother taught me it's rude to read in front of people. But which book has been the most places?
The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan.
I have now lent this book out to two people. The first person I lent it to, I gave her the first and second book of the Ranger's Apprentice. (This is the second book.) She read both of them that night and oopsie. Did you know there is a wee cliff hanger at the end of the second book?

And I didn't give her the third.

So when another girl I know said she had read the first book, but not the second, I knew I had to lend it to her. So I gave it to her last Sunday.

But not the third book.

*Evil laugh*

13. Any Required Reading That Was Bad In High School That Wasn't So Bad Two Years Later? 
I'm in High School right now, soooo. And I haven't been forced to read a book I didn't like for school. Mainly because my older siblings weeded out the boring/dumb books when they went through school, so I didn't have to read them. Muwahaha! Homeschooler!

I've only had one or two books that I hated, and guess what?

I STILL hate them.

14. Used or Brand New? 

I tend not to actually buy most of my books. I get them via library or friends. So I only buy the ones I love and will keep for a thousand years (Or until they fall apart). So new.

15. Have You Ever Read A Dan Brown Book Before? 


16. Have You Ever Seen A Movie That You Liked More Then The Book?

The Princess Dairies, and How To Train You Dragon. I liked the movies so I picked up the books and...what is this? The queen has her eyes tattooed so she never has to put on eyeliner? And is also a jerk? And Lily is kind of a jerk too? What is my life?

17. What Book Made You Hungry? 

The Ranger's Apprentice Series by John Flanagan: That made me switch from using sugar in my coffee to using honey.
And Heartless: I actually went and made lemon tarts after I read this. To, you know, help heal my crushed and broken little heart.
Brian Jacques Redwall books: So much food. So much feast. I am officially a hare, because I would have eaten everything in sight too.

18. Who Is A Person Whose Book Advice You Will Always Take?

The girl who gave me Sylvester or the Wicked Uncle. If she said, "read this" I would without hesitation. And any of my other friends, if they suggested a book, I would seriously consider it.

Because I'm an INTJ and I only have friends who I trust and think are intelligent and worth my time. (That sounds a lot worse written down, but it's true.)
So I value their opinion. Anyone else.....

19. Most Read Author?

Ever heard of the Warrior Cat Series? By Erin Hunter? (Well, Erin Hunter is actually a pen name for a bunch of ladies who wrote these books, but whatever) Well, I read four or five of the series and almost all of the stand alone novels. I'm not reading many of those books anymore, because they just keep writing more and it's just like...will it ever stop?

20. Ship From Two Different Books? 
From two different books? I have NO idea.

21. *Added By Me* Paper Books Or Ebooks? 


22. *Added By Me* Favorite Book Villain? 

As a wonderful example of a literary villain or a villain that I liked as a person? (Why am I asking you this? I'm the one who added this stupid question.)

Villain I hate the most? A truly evil, dirty backstabbing villain? 

Maeve from TOG.

 I didn't see that coming. I  just thought she was an annoying person, but then....then... Ugh. why? WHY?
{End of spoiler}

Villain that I liked as a person? 

Luke from Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

And on that happy note!

I end.

-Mary Kate-


  1. "Because I'm an INTJ and I only have friends who I trust and think are intelligent and worth my time." I laughed so hard at that!! I'm an INFJ, so I don't get that, because I'll be friends with pretty much anyone, but LOL! The way you wrote that was perfect!! xD

    1. It's an INTJ thing. We judge people a lot. Not like "I'm judging you." Like emotionless logically sort out the people who cause drama and what not. And if you gave them a reason to mistrust you, they would just shrug and shut you out of their life. We're not very....emotional (or at least that's the trait. I don't know if all INTJs do it)

    2. Well, it seems like a wise thing to do, unfortunately I'm usually not smart when it comes to friends.. oh, well. Live and learn, I guess!

  2. "The curse of a bookworm"---Darn. I hate it. I have motion sickness to....it's sick. Truly, SICK.
    "Because I'm an INTJ and I only have friends who I trust and think are intelligent and worth my time." ----LOL!!!! Oh my goodness. When I was reading that, I was like, "What in the...". I don't like telling anyone my feelings, unless I trust them. You know those people who show you movies that are a total wast of time. (!!!) I mean, I could have used my life doing other things instead of watching the OLD "Planet of the Apes" with a guy who needs to cover his behind!!! THANK GOD there was a branch in front of him, or......oh my goodness gracious. That wouldn't be a very nice moment. I mean, Walmart has enough people with their butts hangin' out, but I don't need to see a man with his...okay, I'll stop here. You know what I'm talking about. . I mean, really. WHY?! Those people are on my skeptical list. Sheesh. (that was totally not a true experience. I mean...why would you even think that? *looks around to see if there are any eavesdroppers*)
    I've only looked to the back of the book when I was either dying of boredom and wanted to see if the book got interesting near the end, or when I was dying of mystery.
    I'm INFP (random). Lol
    Pleased don't judge me, I'm scarred my the wasted time that movie took from my life. My trust in the person's...movie....wants...is...ZAPPED.
    Ahem. (This comment is too long. Sorry. haha)

    1. Basically for an INTJ to call you their friend, they basically have to trust you with their life or at least find you to be an interesting and intelligent person.
      They see everyone else as A.) People who are basically a waste of oxygen or B.) Amusing morons.

      Car sickness is the WORST. It was truly awful in my childhood when ever my family took long trips, I could basically just....sit there for the lovely eight hour trip. *wheee*

    2. Yeah, that kind of trust is hard to find, though. They leave you during the hard times. :\
      gracious. People are so mean sometimes. (!)
      Oh my! I like LONG car rides when it's night time. There's something about it being dark while i'm so lively that I love.

  3. Warriors!! Yay! Someone else knows what that is!!!! xD

    I get REALLy sick when I read in the car, so I understand....

    The only book I've ever lent to someone was a collection of the Chronicles of Narnia, and that was only because I have a MILLION copies of those books.... xD

    I don't think I've ever liked a movie better than the book. The Narnia movies are terrible compared to the books. COMPARED. BUT, I still LOVE THEM ALL THE SAME.


    I have a habit of finding everything good about a villain so I don't hate him/her, so sometimes I get a little UPSET (I'm weird) when they get defeated. Or killed. *cries* I can't help it!!!!!!