The Mystery Blogger Award

I snagged this off the blog, "On The Other Side of Reality." This award was created by Okoto Enigma's blog, which you can find here.

Here are the rules!

1. Put the award/logo image on your blog
2. List the rules
3. Mention who ever you stole the award from. (I mean, who nominated you or whatever) and link to their blog.
4. Mention the creator and link to their blog
5. Tell the readers three things about yourself
6. Nominate some people
7. Ask your nominees 5 questions

Three Things About Me: 

1.) I rarely cry. And when I do, its because I'm frustrated.
Please note, if I cry in front of you, it usually means I am barely restraining myself from killing you. (Cheers)
I honestly cannot remember when I last cried because I was sad.
(Basically, I'm a heartless cat, who will only cry when extremely annoyed and frustrated.)

2. I play viola

3. I'm an INTJ

1. All Time Favorite Book Character? 

Halt from the Ranger's Apprentice Series. We share a love of dry humor, raising our eyebrows at people, a slightly annoying horse who back chats you, coffee, not talking, and we're super happy in our lonely grumpiness until a bouncy little smiley person came along, I'm looking at you, Lilah. 

Runners up? 
  • Percy Jackson, because he is hilarious, and his sassy comments are amazing. 
  • Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles, because she is an awesome pilot lady who threatens people with shotguns.
  • Bex Baxter, an awesome British spy from the Gallagher Girl series.

2. What Writing Style Aggravates You The Most?
Really, really slow writing pace. Ones that lack imagination. Oh, and bad dialogue.

3. Favorite Book Cover?
Winter, the fourth book in the Lunar Chronicles

So pretty. 

4. Thoughts On The Trend Of Pages Being Made Super Thins In Order To Make Huge Books Look Smaller? 
Why? Why would you do this? Do I look like I WANT to rip the pages every time I turn them? It's not like I'm scared of big books. In fact....Bring it on!

5. What Book Do You Hate That You Can't Understand Why Everyone Else Loves? 

Well, first of all, as an INTJ a adore looking at things from different angles, so I always have some understanding of why other people likes a book. So there isn't any book I can't understand why they like it. 
But if we're talking about books that are popular that I didn't like...well, then there's a lot. 
But what first pops into mind is The Hunger Games. 
I understand that Katniss was supposed to be a bitter girl and all that, but I couldn't relate to her. I only made it to when she gets to the capital and they're getting her ready for the games....


My questions for my nominees (which I will announce in a second.) 

1. Favorite book character
2. List three books you've read more then three times
3. Favorite book cover
4. What is your favorite place to write, and why?
5. What snack food or drink do you use to power you writing? (Or do you starve yourself while you write?)  

I nominate: Catherine at The Rebelling Muse and Lilah at Musical Writings and Gray at Writing is Life

Also, every single person who see this. I nominate you and will be extremely offended if you don't do it. Even if you don't have a blog. Just comment below.

I might even cry. (But not from sorrow, Just annoyance. Annoyance that everybody hates me.) 

Feel guilty yet? 



Join me in my arm of heartless kittens! 

We shall rule the world!


-Mary Kate-


  1. Math makes me cry. Darn.
    It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO......UGGHH!!!!! It's horrid.
    Though, I rarely cry in front of others, but sometimes it can be provoked. *smiles sheepishly*

  2. Cool! Thanks for nominating me! I'll do it in the next day or so.


  3. Awesome!! I think I'll probably do this on Friday.
    BTW, I like the new look.