Since I stopped telling you everything that happens in my book I haven't talked much about my book. (and I also completely scrapped that idea, split it into two different already existing stories, and...)




The 7-7-7-7 Challenge!

It's really simple. You flip to the seventh page of your WIP, count down to the seventh line and share the next seven pages.
(Or just the next paragraph or so)
Invited 7 other people to share their work (or nah, cause that sounds like work.)

Where does that leave us?

In a particularly bloody scene:

Kerra shut out the memories that popped into her head. Kept her eyes up and on the gateway out, refusing to look down and see the blood that stained the stones beneath her feet. Refused to think of the stands that had been built, the throne set up at one end of the courtyard…suddenly, the brambles seemed like an inviting place to be.

She  didn’t think Grant had seen the stained ground. She didn’t hear a sharp intake of breath or see his head snap down for a better look. Didn’t hear any questions. 
She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw his gaze fixed on the dark tangle of thorns.
“I have horses waiting on the other side.” Grant said, not taking his eyes of the thorns.
“Let’s just get through here quickly.” Kerra said shortly.
 Now that she was closer, she could feel the darkness and terror pouring off the thick hedge. Despite the bright sun, inside the  hedge…there was shadow and  dark mist swirling.

Hadn’t he heard the stories? The tales of the blood and death she had spread in the twenty years she had prowled the earth? But here he was, looking so concerned. As if she was the innocent young girl she looked like. It almost made Kerra laugh. She settled for an slight smile and stalked into the thorns. She heard Grant draw his sword as he followed.
His concern and pity. She hated it and she was determined to show him just how true the tales were. She turned back to him, smiling mischievously, an evil light dancing in her eyes. “Watch out for griffins.” She whispered.

Well, that's that!

-Mary Kate-


  1. Those snippets!!!!! :o
    I just made it to the seventh page of my WIP. lol xD

  2. Gracious me! That's.....very well written, but sad.
    I would share my work, but I don't have seven pages of my newest one. That sounds kind of sad. Plus, I get really paranoid. *smiles sheepishly*
    Do you have any published books? :)

    1. No, I don't.
      I tend to abandon my books a couple chapters into the story...

    2. So do I. I'm gonna try my hardest to stick to this one, though. :)

  3. AH, THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! I almost have seven pages of my WIP, but not yet. :/
    Oh, and also, I tagged you for the Liebster Award on my blog.