Character Questions Answered! (And A Surprise)

If these characters went to a modern day coffee shop, what would they get? 

Ivy would get something with cinnamon. Maybe the drink that my coffee shop has, with cinnamon, toasted marshmallow and caramel? Then she would go sit in some sunbeam and ask Grant random questions.

It wouldn't matter what kind of coffee Grant got, as long as it was actually coffee, HOT coffee and in the biggest cup size there is. He would patiently follow Ivy to where ever she chose it sit and answer her questions.

Kerra would get a simple caramel latte, take it to a corner and watch people over the top of it.

Elvin, as much as he pretends he is a total macho man, he would totally get a fru-fru white chocolate latte. But he would probably try and mutter his order to the barista so Kerra can't hear.

Because she would probably tease him to no end about it and because he had a mild crush on her.

What Type of Ice Cream Would They Get? 
In a modern ice cream shop or just ever? I think it is possible for people in their world to have ice cream, just not in as many flavors as we have now...

Grant would get coffee flavored, of course. If they didn't have that he would probably get vanilla or some mostly plain ice cream

Ivy would try something adventurous like Bubblegum or whatever looks weirdest.

Elvin would get white chocolate or a turtle mix.

Kerra would get something citrus-y or something fruity. If not, then she would just let Ivy or Elvin pick one for her.

In which case, Ivy would pick something like mint chocolate chip and Elvin would probably get her whatever he was having.

Would You Sacrifice Yourself For That Special Someone? 

Well, Kerra DID and that turned out just great. Honestly, yes. Yes she would. But she thinks that she wouldn't ever do something that stupid and weak again.

Elvin is the kind of person who would dive in and try and save a random strangers. Not with his life maybe...but he would gladly sacrifice himself to save his friends.

Grant might not dive in and save a random stranger at any cost, but he would stop at nothing to protect his friends.

Ivy wonders uncertainly if she will be brave enough if the time comes, but if it ever happened, she would sacrifice herself without a second thought.

What Is The Worst Moment in Your Life: 

Kerra: the day she...*cough*  I mean, the first chapter. That or Chapter 25...Which is worse? Feeling like everyone abandoned you and forgot about you (aka emotional pain) or physical pain.

Probably the 26th Chapter

Grant: Yep. Chapter 26 was pretty bad, but 27 was worse. Did you see how Elvin was tearing himself up?

Yep. 27. Seeing everyone around you, the people older then you who you look up to and feel safe around. When they are panicked and terrified out of their wits and feel like they can do nothing? Yeah, that stinks.

( You'll never know*evil laugh* )

Oh and the surprise?



To celebrate that fact that I finished my First Draft, I'm going to celebrate with some spoiler free facts about my story.

Is that something you would enjoy reading? 

(I sure hope so, because that's what you're getting)

  1. There are 32 Chapters
  2. I wrote the bulk of the story in May and June. I did minor plotting and wrote the first three chapters in April. Then Chapters 4-14 were written in May and Chapters 15- 32 were written in June.
  3. And yes, this is the reason I abounded my Camp NaNoWriMo Project in Mid-April.
  4. I just kind of plotted as I went and it didn't even have a name until June 13 when I was telling my friend about it and the idea  appeared.
  5. My prime writing time was between 10 pm and 1:30 am. I usually started ten minutes or so before 11 pm and finished around 12:45 am.
  6. This is the first of my novels to ever make it to the end of the First Draft. And it is my second story to ever make it to this stage (the first one was a short story that I wrote for my creative writing class, so that doesn't really count.
  7. In the original, the guy she first met was going to be the love interest. But then I got annoyed with that trend and sent her a grumpy friend, Grant, instead.
  8. Kerra means Dusky in Irish.
  9. My go to writing drinks were coffee, tea, and Khaos flavored monster drinks.
  10. I would randomly message my bestie and say something like "OOH. Ch. 27 will make you CRY!"

    or just "4 CH. TO GO!"

    Because she is awesome and supportive.
  11. And my sisters also encouraged me to write more.

    Usually in the form of drooping over me whining for me to "write more" or throwing pencils at me yelling "IF HE DIES, YOU DIE." and "THEY WILL BE TOGETHER OR YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR SLEEP!" 

Thanks sisters.

-Mary Kate


  1. I love this post!! And - *cries* - now I'm craving ice cream and coffee!!
    Congrats on the first draft!! Your book sounds awesome, and I hope I get to read it one day :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. This is why I should never post while hungry. I just spread the hunger around.


  2. Congrats, MK! wrote a LOT. Love the story facts, can't wait to read the story!!!


  3. You used my questions! Thank you!
    CONGRATULATIONS! Finishing that first draft is so satisfying. I will totally buy this when you publish. I so want to read this.
    Great job.
    <3 <3

    1. It is so exciting, but it still needs a lot of work.

    2. Oh, and of course I used the question. My question is...what did you think of the answer???

    3. I loved them! They all had unique answers that fit their personalities. You did an awesome job. :D

    4. XD I've loved you're character reviews. They're so much better than mine. You really go deep into the character. You also seem to know their personalities well. <3

    5. I wish. As much as I've worked on their personalities, they don't seem that evident in my writing. Yet another thing I need to work on in the second draft.

      I'm glad you liked the Character Reviews.

    6. You'll get there, but you're probably being too hard on yourself. Your characters are so amazing. Also, the way you introduced them was different from what I've seen when it comes to character reviews. I liked it a lot.

      I completely understand, though. I try to vary my characters' personality, but I always seem to come short of something. I tend to have a problem with male characters and making them more realistic.

      You'll get through it. Good luck with the second draft. I find it fun to go back after a while and start the editing process. I don't know why I find it fun when it can be torture. Love/hate relationship, lol.

      God bless. <3

  4. You put me on your sidebar! Thank you! That means a lot to me. God bless you!

    1. Yeah.
      I don't update it very often, so that would explain why it took so long for me to do it.

    2. I didn't expect anyone to put me in their sidebar. When they do, I try to make a point to thank them. I find it very encouraging and it makes me smile. *gives cheesy smile*

  5. I have been trying to follow you back for awhile now and couldn't figure out how to do it. Finally asked Google for help, anyway thanks for having my blog on your list, that is the nicest thing a blogger can do.

    Congrats on finishing your first draft! It's such an amazing feeling. Your characters are fascinating!

    1. Aww
      Thank you.

      I still can't believe I finished it.