Character Review: Ivy Farren

I  haven't posted anything about my writing in a while, because I basically went overboard with the blogging tags.


That was because I have been working really hard on my first draft, and all the rest of my time is dedicated to school. And it was just so much easier to answer some questions then to think of and write out an entire post.

But I reached the half way point in my first draft, so guess what you guys all get?
(Hint: Look at the title) 

There aren't a whole lot of characters right now, because they are kind of traveling across the kingdom....for reasons.

Ultimately, there are four people I would call main characters. (Actually more like two)
But these four are the ones that you see the most of in the story, Everyone else just kind of counts as background characters.

The fourth one only just joined the story a little less then halfway, but Ivy and Grant have been there since the very beginning.


Ivy Farren:

My name is Thalia More. I live in district 7. I'm 13 years old, and do not like to be underestimated. I work in the woods with my father 6 days a week. The rest of my family is dead.:
(Ivy inspiration)

Ivy is apprenticed to Grant. She is fifteen now, about to turn sixteen. She's been apprenticed since the previous fall. (The story begins in early spring, before the roses bloom.)

Talent or skill they are proud of: 
Archery. Healing.

Hogwarts house?
Hufflepuff. She loves to learn and is constantly asking questions, but I think her bright bubbly personality and the fact that she is fiercely loyal to her friends means she should be put in Huffpuff. (Not to be ironic or anything...but her horse's name in Badger.)

Introvert or Extrovert? 

3 things that would make them loose their temper?
1. Insults to their friends
2. Bad food
3. Rude people, bullies

Favorite thing to drink?
I don't know...Juice?

How do they like their coffee? 
Probably a latte with cinnamon,

Any article of clothing that would be considered a trade mark?
She wears a griffin feather in her hair. She gets it in the beginning of the book and wears it ALL the time.

Weapon of choice?
Bow. She is also being trained with the sword, but doesn't like it much.

Have they ever been seriously injured? How did they react?
No, but she has been around a lot of cuts. And she likes healing people.

5 Quirks:

  1. Always asking questions about anything that comes to mind. (Much to the annoyance of her mentor) 
  2. Can get grumpy about poor traveling conditions and bad food. 
  3. Is reluctant to leave her blanket cocoon in the morning
  4.  Talks to friends if she sees them somewhere. Talks to coworkers. Talks to strangers. TALKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE!
  5. Cracks jokes under her breath

Are they easy to get along with?
Yes. (If they're not grumbling because of lack of sleep and old bread.

Look at characters feet. What are they wearing?
Brown boots. Has little pink flowers embroidered along the top.

Do they get nightmares?

Do they have a temper?

Favorite food?
Chocolate cake.

Scratch that. Any cake.


Favorite chocolate type?
Milk. Milk with almonds or maybe little fruit chunks.

Night Owl or Morning Person?
Not really either. She doesn't like getting up in the morning, but will stay up at night if she was allowed.

Do they say everything that pops into their head or do they leave things unsaid?
Does she blurt out uncomfortable things? No.
Basically everything else though.

One person they miss?
She just started her apprenticeship that year, so she still misses her family. (She gets to go visit them once and awhile, so don't worry.)

So what do you think of my spunky apprentice?



  1. I love your apprentice! She sounds like my kind of character, though I can't have milk chocolate....and I'm picky with cake. *gasps from all around*
    Lol, you're really intriguing me. I want more of her. MOREE!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the post. ;)

    1. I'm picky about cake too actually.


    2. Lol!
      I really, really liked your post today. I dunno what it is, but I love characters. Especially character reviews.
      You do a really good job. Hey, just a thought, but maybe if you want...I could beta read for ya. If u don't want to, I totally understand, but if you do want it....;)
      I'm not the best with grammar, but I could tell u if anything's confusing.

    3. Your in luck, because there are three more coming :)

      And when I FINALLY have it ready for beta reading, I'll let you know.


    4. Well, YAY!
      Ohhhhh, I'll be ready! *rubs hands together*

  2. I am looking forward to finding out more (PLEASE I NEED MORE)


    1. More?



      My evil plan is to feed you tidbits until you HAVE to know more.
      Then you'll all go out and buy a copy.

      I mean.....

      Sure, I'll get around to posting more


  3. She sounds like a fun character, Mary Kate! Can't wait to see more of her.


    1. Glad you liked her. So far, my sisters like her better then the MC...
      Goodie. The random supporting character to steal the show. :)


  4. I love her! I think I'm drawn to spunky characters because I'm an introvert and I'm not really spunky. So people like that amuse me. I think if you know your character down to their favorite food, you really know your character.
    Awesome job!

  5. Your character is awesome!:)


  6. Oh, I LOVE Ivy! And yes, cake, cake, CAKE!!!! This was fun getting to know her. =)

    New follower!

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. Thank you sooo much. It's such a confidence boost to know people like your characters :)

  7. Oooh now I'm craving a latte with cinnamon! *drools*
    I love that Ivy's good with a bow and arrows - that sounds amazing. One of my characters in one of my book is also good with a bow. It's so fun to write!

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. I know, right? Archery is my favorite weapon to write and I have to restrain myself from making EVERYBODY an archer.

      What is your book about? I didn't see anything about it on your blog. (At least not in the last two months...)