Character Review: Grant

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Grant is Ivy's mentor and the person who Kerra first meets in the story. And sorry, he doesn't have a last name right now, since when I was naming people I gave him and this other person the same last name...So I need to flip back through my notes, find Grant, Last Name, Option #2 and see what it is.

Talent or skill they are proud of: 
Sword fighting skill, his dedication over the years to ....well, I can't tell you to what.

Hogwarts house?

3 things that would make them loose their temper?
1. Kerra
2. People who have no respect for authority (also Kerra)
3. Reckless people (Kerra? You guessed it)

Favorite thing to drink?

How do they like their coffee? 
Cream, sugar and the biggest mug you can find. Repeat until there is no coffee.

Any article of clothing that would be considered a trade mark?
Scruffy boots, long sword.

Weapon of choice?
Long Sword. (It will probably have a dramatic name in the second draft, but nothing now.)

Have they ever been seriously injured? How did they react?
I wouldn't say seriously injured, but he's had his fair share of nicks, bumps and bruises. He handles it pretty well. Resigned and a little annoyed if he has to stay off his feet, but he'd still keep Ivy busy with her training.

5 Quirks:
1. When they get into camp, Grant starts a fire and starts cooking and Ivy sets up the tents.
2. Is annoyed when Kerra calls the High Commander by his first name (Protocol, Kerra. Protocol.)
3. Likes coffee
4. *resigned sigh*
5. Snores

Are they easy to get along with?
I'd say yes. (Unless they have no respect for authority.)

Look at characters feet. What are they wearing?
Scruffy leather boots. A bit worn, but they work.

Do they get nightmares?

Do they have a temper?
*laughing* I guess you could say that.

Favorite food?
Toasted buttery garlic bread.

Favorite chocolate type?
Dark chocolate.

Night Owl or Morning Person?
Morning Person. 

Do they say everything that pops into their head or do they leave things unsaid?
If he's really mad, it all comes out. But other then that, he can keep his mouth shut.

One person they miss?
His teammate because since he (or possibly she, I haven't decided) is out of work waiting for a broken leg to heal. Because of that, Grant has to help Kerra with this mission.

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  1. ooh, a clash of personality between Kerra and Grant. That sounds awesome. You're really doing a good job of giving your characters personalities. This is awesome. This book sounds so awesome. I think so far, my favorite character is Ivy. (And not because we share a name, lol.)

    Great job!

  2. Talk about rough and tough! Grant sounds like a really cool character!


  3. He sounds like a guy I know! And the friction between him and Kerra, genius.

  4. Ooooh Grant sounds so cool! And I totally agree about the coffee and garlic bread - I think we might get on, lol ;)
    Really liked this post! I'm gonna check out your other characters' personality posts now...

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words