Character Review: Kerra Elwood

So, the time has come to learn about the MC of my WIP, Kerra Elwood!

I'm Etta Monroe. 16 years old. Very sarcastic, sassy, and I'm not here to be friends. I was kidnapped by PHASE because of my powers, so basically I'm brand new. My powers are quite strange. I can manipulate anything to my will, whether it be physical, inanimate, or mental. Nothing and no one can resist, so they took me in. All I have to do is make eye-contact/ look at the object for my powers to work.:
Description: Kerra actually has blonde hair for the first half of the book, but her natural hair color is dark brown. She dyes her hair back to her normally color half way through.

Talent or skill she is proud of:
The skill to kill people. The fact that she is super  creepy.
I think she is most proud of how creepily quiet she is and her dagger fighting skills.

Hogwarts house?
She is most diffidently a Slytherin. Cunning is key.

3 things that would make her loose her temper?
People nosing into their past
People being sympathetic
People who don't know anything about her past, and think the total opposite happened.

Favorite thing to drink?
This flowery- nectar drink thing that can only be found in "The Other Land." (Aka, Fairy World)

How does she like her coffee?
Just sugar.

Any article of clothing that would be considered a trade mark?
I don't know about her clothes, but she has four daggers. (You people who have been her longer probably know about these daggers. I recycled them from another trashed story idea.)
Two boot knives, Silence and Misery and two long fighting daggers, Vengeance and Insanity.

For those of you who haven't been reading the blog for all of its short existence, these daggers were named after four people in Marissa Meyer's book Heartless. Comment below if you know who these people are!

Weapon of choice?
See above.

Have she ever been seriously injured? How did she react?
It was while she were fighting one time. She just kept going until she dropped and one of her friends pulled her out.

5 Quirks:
1. Can't sleep. EVER
2. Loves the stars/night sky
3. Mumbles under her breath in Wood Fairy language
4. Hunts deer and wild rabbits....on foot with her daggers
5. Creepily quiet feet

Is she easy to get along with?
She CAN be, I guess...

Look at characters feet. What are they wearing?

Light brown deer skin boots.

Does she get nightmares?

Does she have a temper?
No, not really. She had pretty good control over her emotions.

Favorite food?
Some food from "Other Kingdom."

Favorite chocolate type?
Peppermint Bark

Night Owl or Morning Person?
Both? But she is more of a Night Owl then she is a Morning Person.

Does she say everything that pops into their head or does she leave things unsaid?
She leaves things unsaid

One person she misses?



  1. Peppermint Bark is the best, I like her already! XD

  2. This is making me feel very scared. Why are you laughing???


  3. *innocent look*
    Laughing? What laughing?
    I'm not laughing.

  4. I like her description. She has this edgy vibe, but she's also in control of herself, which is pretty cool. (I'm so great at describing character. *sarcasm*)
    Anyway, I like her. Great job. :)

    1. And I can't even spell, apparently. I meant characters, not character. *shakes head in self-shame*

    2. Ha. No worries, I understood you just fine. And apparently I can't type. Every other time I write "But then" I end up making it butt hen. (Which doesn't quite mean the same thing)

      Mary Kate

    3. No, but it's funnier to look at. I think I type to fast or over correct when in fact, I'm just spelling things wrong. Then there's the word its (it's)...

  5. I wish she was a person so I could meet her. Good job, Mary Kate!
    I like how she has four daggers. You've given me inspiration, quite a lot inspiration. ;)

    I LOVE here eyes in the pic. Oh my goodness. Lol
    I want more.....does she have a friend that she feels is very close to her. One she could never part with? (Death parting them, that is.)

    1. Yes, but I'm not telling.

    2. Lol! You know that when your book comes out, I'll be buyin' it, right? I guess, I'll just have to wait to see....xD

  6. I love creepy characters!! And Kerra sounds really awesome and complex, although I'm not sure I'd like to meet her alone in a dark alley... Lol.

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. I wouldn't want to either, but she is so fun to write.