Blog Hiatus

In April, after I abandoned my Camp NaNoWriMo Project, I started a new story. I plotted, brainstormed and wrote the first three chapters.

In May, I started seriously writing. My story didn't have a title at this point and a few characters needed fleshing out, but I wrote.

In June, the pages flew past. By the sixteenth, I had 21 of 32 Chapters typed.

And then, two days before the end of June, I finished. I typed the end and sat back in my chair with a feeling of disbelief.
I was finished.

I worked on my story every night after everyone else had gone to bed. I'd start at ten and work until I got that nights goal down. That could be anywhere from 11 PM to 1 AM.

The only nights I didn't work on it was when I was too exhausted to do anything more then throw myself into bed.

As you can imagine, late night typing and staring at a computer screen an be bad on your eyes. And the constant typing was making my wrists ache during the day.

I spent all my free time during the day working on this story too.

I haven't been outside much, I have done almost nothing "fun" or "memorable" so far this summer.

And I need a break before I start the next draft, so that I can look at it from a fresh angle.

But while I  would take time off from this story,  I'd probably fall back into the same pattern and spend July working on my next story....

Or spend it on the computer.

But this needs to stop.

I need to get out into the world, stopping living in front of the computer and go do something with the remaining month of summer.


I am not working on this story. No editing, no rewriting, nothing. If I get a sudden wonderful idea, I'll jot it down on a sticky note and leaving it for August.

I won't be working on my next project either. I might do some mild plotting and planning for it, but nothing more. Besides, I can just plot a couple minutes every once in a while. But I won't let it take over my life.

I also won't be blogging.

In fact, I won't be on the computer much at all.

I'll check my email in the evening or maybe every other day, but I won't be spending all my time on Gmail and blogger and social media.

And how long will this break last?

Well, my writing break (typing wise) ended as soon as I typed "the end."
And believe me, I'm still fighting myself to make myself leave it alone.

The entire month of July is my writing break, and I'll start the second draft of on the first of August.

Blogging on the other hand...
My blogging hiatus will last a month as well, but since it is already the 9th, I won't be posting again until the 8th of August.

See you then and have a awesome summer,



I was going to tell you the name of my story, since I only JUST named it, but that would take all the fun out of it. So I tell you what.
I'll give you the initials and you see if you can guess it.
Comment what you think the title is below and I'll answer you when I get back and tell you what the title is.

The initials are....


Oh, the last time I was actually on blogger was the 5th, when I wrote and scheduled July's Beautiful People. This post was written long before that. I'm already long, long gone. 


  1. Enjoy your break, M.K. Everyone needs a break and its important to have fun. We have to live life if we want to write and sometimes, we need to disconnect. Enjoy yourself. We'll all be waiting for you when you come back. God bless you!

  2. I have had to take quite a few breaks this year. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. that's awesome, MK. I hope you enjoy your break and have a memorable summer. Congrats on finishing your book!!