Happy Fourth of July!

I was going to do a post about #Freedom and #Merica, but considering that my largest international viewer is the UK, I figured that would be in bad taste. So I composed this cute little list of random firework facts. You can use them in your novels or just read them, laugh and move on with your life. Either way...enjoy!

  • Fireworks echo, gunshots do not
  • Fireworks and animals do not mix. Horses will spook or run. (They aren't too fond of loud noises.) Dogs will bark or cower. Etc.
  • Fireworks used to have just three ingredients: Saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal.
  • In 1830, the Italians first put color in fireworks.
  • Americans have been celebrating their independence with fireworks since 1777 at least. Because we like things that go boom, apparently.
  • In fact, in 1731, Officials in Rhode Island outlawed the use of fireworks for mischievous ends.
  • And fireworks are illegal (for private citizens) in some U.S. States, so you should check that before putting it in a book.
  • Also, if you need a good way to start a prairie fire, (which still happen in the Midwestern United States) just have  some idiot shoot off a firework over a dry field of grass. (Basically all of Kansas)
  • According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, (yes. That is a real thing) American's purchased 163,6 million pounds of fireworks last year. And that's not counting firework displays, which used an additional 23.1 MILLION pounds.
  • Queen Elizabeth (the first) of England invented the title "Fire Master of England," for who ever built  the best fireworks. 

So now you know.

Please excuse me know. I have to go take my pet bald eagle, Patriot, out for exercise before I go to the BBQ and Tea Dumping Ceremony.



  1. Oooh, fun! There won't be any fireworks where I live, it's pouring buckets right now! :P

    1. Haha, I lied. Now it's sunny.

    2. You lied to me?
      I trusted you, Gray!
      How could you?



    3. If you don't like the weather in Texas just wait a minute...

    4. Where as here in Ohio it always rains.

  2. I love how you ended the article. #merica
    *bald eagle flies in background as fireworks go off with American flag waving in the wind*

    My dog got out a couple years ago because of fireworks being shot by an inconsiderate neighbor who almost broke windows. (That dude was a jerk for other reasons I won't get into on here.)

    We found our dog the next day because another neighbor had been out looking for her dog and our dog followed her around. She took our dog inside and told us he went right to the fridge. (Which is funny because he's an outside dog.)

    Her dog was found hit by a car, but he made it through and now jumps fences. (The fences in our neighborhood are about six foot.) In the end, we got out dog back and I have another doggy friend. We call him Peanut Butter because his brown fur looks like peanut butter. And his actual name is the same as my brother's name so we don't want confusion.

    Anyway, that was enough random detail. God bless and have a great Independence Day.

    1. Wow what a jerk. I'm glad the lady took your dog in.
      For a second I miss read that and I was sitting here thinking
      "Your brother's name is Peanut Butter? Ok..."

    2. No. His name is a normal name. The dog has a human name, but he's the color of peanut butter. We call him peanut butter and the other dog she has, which also has a human name, is called nutella. Sorry, that was confusing, lol. It is much harder to follow when written out and I confused myself, too.

    3. *misread*

      A word of advice, do not try and multitask when your multitasking involves writing.

  3. Funny, you didn't have a problem mentioning the tea dumping ceremony :)


    1. though for the record, I wound up having tea with my burger and mac and cheese, so....

    2. It was even funnier because as soon as I typed that my tea loving heart clenched up like "No. You wouldn't dare!"

  4. I love fireworks, I was in the prairies once and they had the firemen set off the fireworks to make sure there were no fires.

    1. Firemen! *wheee*

      By the prairies do you mean like Kansas or Midwestern America or are you one of my lovely international readers?