URL Change!

Oh, and heads up people.

I will be changing my URL at some point.


Because I changed the name (long long ago when dragons ruled the earth) and I never changed the URL to match and now it is annoying me.

But when I change the URL, it will mess with any bookmarks and who knows what.

So you might have to find it again (or something.)

Actually, as far as I know, it could change all the old post links too, and make any links to my blog (in your posts) disconnect.

My blog is kind of growing and I'd rather doing sooner then later.

The new URL will be Sarcasticscribblings.blogspot.com

I'll probably change it sometime towards the end of July, (Unless somebody has taken the URL in that sort time window. Which would be rude.)



  1. I did the same thing changed my title, but thought it would be too difficult to change the url. So I left it, but best of luck. Hope you can do it!

    1. Well, I changed it so hopefully you guys can still find it...