In Which I Return and Blab About My Summer

I'm back!!!

And a few days early even! I decided to end my blogging hiatus a few days early. I thought it would be easier this way, so my first post back wouldn't be the same day as my Beautiful People post. 

My summer was lovely. I got a lot done, but I'm not going to blog about it since I am trying to keep my private life private and keep this blog mainly about writing and reading. 

So writing and reading? 

Well first, I finished my plotting. (For my NaNoWriMo, not World Domination. I did that last winter when I was inside hiding from the cold white stuff...*hisses* snow)
I was going to do my plotting in late October, but this way there is more time to work on my Second Draft before NaNoWriMo starts. I will (probably) still use the last two weeks of October to finish getting everything ready for NaNoWriMo (Research, world building, characters development for minor characters, MORE character development for main characters, etc)

(I am planning on having my Second Draft finished before I start NaNoWriMo, but I don't know that.)

I managed to read a dozen or so books during this break, which isn't as much as I had hoped for, but pretty good considering how crazy my summer has been. I think my favorite summer read has to be The Raven Boys (and the series that followed)

I actually started reading the book without really finding out what is was about at all, which was fun.  I had NO prior knowledge of the story or anything. I thought it was in the middle ages for some reason, so I was a little surprised when they mentioned Walmart on the first page. The series wasn't what I was expecting at all and even if I had know about the setting, the series STILL would have surprised me. 

And as you can all see, I FINALLY changed my URL. I was (am) mildly concerned that a majority of my readers will have no idea where I went, so I actually made a second blog using the old URL with a note directing them here. 

I did start my Second Draft a early, (I got a sudden smiting of inspiration, so I got right to work.) This Thursday's post will be about my Second Draft and will probably include some snippets.

 (Oh! And the title reveal.) 

And that's all for now, 

Welcome back me 

*mildly sarcastic wheee*

-Mary Kate-


  1. YAY YOU'RE BACK!!! *throws confetti* I've missed you! :D

  2. YOU'RE BACK!!! *hands you some cake* I've missed you and your posts. There is one problem with your world domination plan, though.
    I'm going to dominate the world. *lighting flashes in the background as I laugh maniacally*

    Congrats on getting all the work you wanted done. *high fives*

    1. Actually I calculated it into my plans. I am going to wait until you dominated the world, invite you over for tea and then slip you a little extra something in your tea. Then while everyone scrambles as your reign come to an end, I will step in and takes over.

    2. Wow. Just wow. You really had it all planned out. Or so you thought. You see, while you thought you had slipped something in my tea, I would have my dragon distract you while I dumped the tea out. I would pretend to fall over to a horrible, poison death, but as you stepped in as ruler of the world, I would jump back up and scare you with my awesome ninja moves as I am also a part time ninja. I would have my dragon capture and lock you in my dungeon, which of course, has tea. But no coffee. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *coughs uncontrollably*

    3. If only I couldn't pick the locks...
      And wasn't a part time dragon whisperer...
      And it wouldn't have worked anyway, since this particular poison doesn't cause a horrible death.

      In fact, did I even say you would die? No.
      I just said your reign would end.

      Besides, you don't know my whole plan. Do you really think I am the kind of person to spell out my whole plan ONLINE?

      And besides, that is only Plan A

    4. Hm, you make an excellent point. But the locks aren't normal locks. They are retina scanners that only scan my eye. And my dragon is immune to dragon whisperers.

      I never said that you said the poison caused death. I said I would fake death. I could have been allergic and died, so it would still work for me to fake an allergic reaction and fall over.

      As for your whole plan, I am also a mind reader. *evil laugh as lightning flashes in the background*

    5. 1. No dragon is whisper proof
      2. I know how to protect my mind from mind readers
      3. I said I plotted it out, not that I was actually going to do it. I'll probably just end up in a cabin on the top of a mountain writing books and rereading Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

    6. 1. Didn't you see How To Train Your Dragon 2? Toothless wasn't whisper proof at first, but Hiccup's friendship won above all. My dragon and I have a Hiccup/Toothless relationship.
      2. I see you have blocked your mind. I'm a master hypnotist, though.
      3. That actually sounds like a better plan than world domination. I might have to do that. Unless of course that is your ploy. To get me to back down.
      *dramatic music*
      LOL, this was fun. Thank you, MK.
      *flies off majestically on the back of a dragon*

    7. I did see HTTYD II (Wow. Hic. Makeover much?)
      You may come and spend time w. me at my cabin IF you promise not to hypnotize me to make you cake everyday. And if you invite me to stay in your "I took over the world, so of course I made this huge house" house. Can you imagine the library a place like that would have? *gasp*

    8. Ok, deal. I will not hypnotize you as long as you don't slip something in my tea. And yes, my library would be so huge. And yes, Hiccup definitely had a makeover. I love that movie. Have you seen the Netflix series, Race to the Edge. It kind of has a darker theme and its awesome.
      I love it so much. *swoons* Seriously, though, if you don't have Netflix, you can find stuff on YouTube and see the transformations of the character there. Its supposed to be kind of an in between of the first movie and second movie, so the characters are all around eighteen and nineteen.

  3. Missed you MK!!!

    hehe, echo your sentiments on snow. It's a big pain in the rear sometimes.

    Oooh a blind date with a book, eh? Sounds fun!!

    Can't wait to hear about the second draft!


    1. Awwww! I missed all of you too!
      Blind dates w/ books are amazing! Sometimes they end up weird, but hey. I'm pretty sure blind dates end up weird sometimes too.

  4. I missed your posts!
    so happy to see that you are back!:)


  5. Welcome back! I love the Raven Boys too, such a good series!