Second Draft and Snippets and Title Reveal

*Triumphant and slightly dramatic war horns heard faintly on the breeze*


*does small victory dance and ends up hurting my foot by kicking a metal chair. Ow ow ow*

I am so excited.  I actually ended up starting TWO WEEKS before I said I would. For some reason, that makes me feel like a rebel/rule breaker which is dumb since I was the one who set the date...


So I managed to make it through the first chapter! And it was going beautifully!

And then...

My brain is like "What if we rewrote this story...but so that it was in space?" 
And then I tried to argue like "How would that work? How would this work? Or THIS? Huh?"
And of course my brain had the perfect idea for it....


So NOW, instead of spending these next two and a half months working on my re-write/Second Draft, I'm rewriting the whole space. 

I still have the first chapter (and yes, you will be getting snippets from it today) 
And I still have the entire First Draft. 

What I plan to do now is spend August- the first half of October working on this revision. I had planned to finish my Second Draft before I began NaNoWriMo. If I DONT finish the revision by then, I'll just leave it. 

During November, I'm going to weigh the two stories and decide which one I want to work on.

In December, I'll restart the Second Draft. The Second Draft of which ever one I chose. 

(May the odds be ever in your favor, First Drafts.) 

But for now, we have snippets!

Opening Paragraph

"In the eastern corner of Astron, where the land meets the sea, a magnificent castle rested at the top of the white cliff. Pale green grass danced in the sea breeze and the ocean’s waves danced and glimmered in the morning sun. But the waves were undisturbed by fish or the tan and cream colored birds who hunted them. Far out on the horizon, a tail curved up out of the water signaled that a great sea beast was passing the castle, but inside the stone fortress and around it, everything was still. Silent. Sleeping"

Stabby, stabby
“Hello” she said, titling her head slightly to one side so her hair spilled down like a waterfall. And maybe it was because the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes or maybe it was because he got lucky and noticed her hand slowly slip under her pillow, but somehow he managed to grab her arm and deflect the dagger she had aimed at his heart. 

And a hundred year old bread. Because food. 

He looked surprised. “Still soft.” He opened his bag and started stuffing some of the smaller loaves in. “Pretty good for a hundred year old bread, eh?” 

And since I only wrote one chapter, that is all I have for you. I might (might) give you some snippets from the revision/First Draft 2.0 


In A Dream

Oh, did I forget the fan fare? 

*Inserts fan fare* 

-Mary Kate- 


  1. Ah...the blasted plot bunnies strike again.....although the premise for that second first draft sound really neat.

    100 year old bread....yick! How is it not dust???


    Ahem. Excuse my sudden outburst. These snippets are amazing. I love stabby stabby the best. The title sounded funny and I love it.

    Great job. Congratulations on starting the first draft. :)

    1. I meant second draft. (Don't multitask in your brains, kids. You will make typos.)

    2. Thank you! It took me FOREVER to come up with a title. And I know what you mean with the comments and multitasking.

  3. Love the snippets, I am intrigued by a possible space angle. It sounds really interesting!

  4. I love this idea! Looks like the plot bunnies led you to something!!!