Multi Book Review: Trouble-making Boys// Raven Boys, Six of Crows and The False Prince

(So this was going to be posted on Thursday, but then Beautiful People wasn't up in time for today's post and things got moved around a little. Also that fact that I am super emotional about one of them right now and don't really remember much about the other two that isn't spoilery...)

The Raven Boys 
by Maggie Stiefvater


Rich Boy is trying to find the tomb of a dead legendary king. Helping him are his three BFFs: Angry Rich Boy, Quiet Rich Boy (you might say he's quiet as the grave) and I'm Not A Rich Boy, I am Going To This School on Scholarship and am Super Prickly About It. 

 And there new friend, Blue. 

Who is literally named Blue. And no, she does not want to hear about it. She also cannot kiss her true love. Or he will die. 

So yeah, not a lot of kissing going on in this series (because the last thing she wants to do is kiss some guy who she thinks isn't her True Love and then he dies and....)

Reasons to read:

  • Old car love
  • Narration is funny
  • Will also make you cry
  • Dead people
Reasons I DIDN'T Like it:

  • There is this one relationship that just appears out of nowhere in the final book. Nothing leading up to it...
  • Language. 

My Rating: 3.5
The writing was well done, but it wasn't my cup of tea

Six of Crows 
by Leigh Bardugo

Thieves and crooked, evil disgustingly cute criminals. (Kaz is just the cutest)
In fact, everybody is cute.
I mean, you've got Kaz. Who is like the worst guy on the block even though he is seventeen. Don't try and double cross him or you will be sorry.
And Inej. The  knife throwing, wall climbing girl known as the Wraith and....

*I am TRYING to write something vaguely intelligent, but I'm still fangirling over this book so maybe I should just try back later?* 

Reasons to read: 
  • Thieves
  • Pickpockets
  • Sass
  •  Kaz is such a slytherin. His whole life is centered around greed (and revenge)
  • Kaz has a bad leg and has to walk with a cane. (A cane he uses to beat people up with) 
  • So much stabbing. So much plotting. Heists. 
  • And the ships! Tell them about the ships!
Rating: 5 Stars

The False Prince
by Jennifer A. Nielson

A dastardly plot to take over the throne and a very, very clever boy who just might be able to stop them. Or maybe just not die. That would be good.

Reasons to Read:
  • So much sass
  • Like, Percy Jackson style sass
  • But in the middle ages
  • Plotting and scheming 
  • No swearing, so Rebellious Writing approved.  
  • Read it
Rating: 5 Stars



  1. I like that you wrote RW approved. :D
    Beat people up with a cane? Shouldn't he just get a metal leg like Hiccup? I mean, it worked for Hiccup. Do you not hear about the fangirls that fawn over Hiccup?

    I love your descriptions. You need to do more conjoined book reviews because this was hilarious. XD


    1. You guys should make a little "sticker" for people to put by their book reviews...

      His leg was broken and healed funny. Getting it amputated is a bit drastic, isn't it?

    2. I would suggest that to Gray. Technically, I'm just an Advocate. I go around and talk about it. I'm working on submitting a guest post, but I've got other posts, too, and its a crazy jumbled mess. XD

      But that sticker idea is a good one. I like it. Gray's really good at graphics (per my new blog header).

      But the metal leg just looks kind of cool. I'm not a fangirl of Hiccup, but it adds something. I suppose if his leg is still attached, then it would be a bit drastic. And hitting people with the cane actually sounds amusing. XD


  2. I'm with Ivie, that was pretty awesome! XD

    I LOVED /LOVED/ this post, seriously. It is so funny! Good job!!!

  3. Interesting, we have The Raven Boys reviewed by one of our book scouts, and her review is totally different.


    1. I would LOVE to see that review. Is it on your website?

    2. i think i might have submitted that review. :)

    3. You probably did Allison :), and we're working on it MK. I'm hoping to get it up soon - I'm waiting on the graphics department.


    4. Oh, that's good. I thought I'd missed a post or something...
      (So I'm not crazy! Yay)

  4. I almost picked up The Raven Boys as my first Stiefvater book, but I wasn't sure about it and got The Scorpio Races instead. Still, maybe I'll have a go! How would you rate the language?

    I haven't read Six of Crows either - but heists + pickpocketing + sass + ships (cute ones?) sounds good?? So maybe I'll try that one too xD

    The False Prince, on the other hand, is a book I recommend to EVERYONE EVER. ("[he's] trying to stop them. Or maybe just not die. That would be good." xD) To be honest, I have no idea how Sage didn't die several times over!

    I love how you grouped these books together in a review post - they certainly seem to fit together! (SASSY BOYS who are actually sweet, maybe? I've only read one, but 'sass', at least, is certainly a common factor...)
    Jem Jones

    1. The Raven Boys has a lot of language. Mainly from one character, but still. I didn't really like it (it was OK)
      What do you think of scorpio races?

      Six of Crows is GOOD. There are a few innuendos and there was one F-bomb in the second book (or was it the first?) But other then that, the language was good.

      I would suggest Six of Crows, but not really a fan of the Raven Boys. I mainly read it because I kept hearing about it and I like to build my own opinions...

  5. I love Raven Boys and Six of Crows!

    Have you read Crooked Kingdom yet?

    1. Yes!!! *squeal*
      I also read the first book in the Grisha Series, but it was kind of depressing. (Namely I thought the Darkling would be another Rhysand and he wasn't and I got attached first...)

  6. I knew you would like the Fresh Prince. Ok ok I promise I will read Six of Crows and the Ravens Boys. :D



    2. I was VERY confused for a second there. And I would suggest Six of Crows (but not The Raven Boys)