Reading & Writing In FALL

YAY! Tomorrow is the first day of autumn.

Officially, anyway. It's felt like fall here for the past three weeks.


My favorite time to write in fall is (like always) at night. Though as it gets colder, it also gets easier for me to find time to write during the day. There's a lot less basking outside in sunbeams and a lot more huddling in a blanket inside. So I might as well keep my (freezing) hands busy!

As for Brain Recharges, I like to play outside or take a walk. I find it a million times easier to think through something or figure out a plot hole (or basically anything) if I am walking.

So if my story is being a pain, I step away and take a walk. Chase a few leaves. Speaking of which, sometimes you just need to get up and leave the computer behind for a little.
Which I always have trouble with because, Yes. I forced myself to get up and take a break. But I ended up just making another cup of Earl Grey and coming back.
DO something when you take a break. Go take a walk, rake some leave (jump in said leaves and scattered them all over the place.)

And people watching is always the most appealing in the fall. Sitting somewhere on a crisp fall day with a latte and a note book just watching people spin back and forth.

Another thing I like to do is go to cemeteries. (Before sundown of course. It is *mildly* illegal to go to a graveyard after sundown. Please. I'm not stealing bodies to bring to life, I'm stealing (borrowing) last names!
Although, if you go at night then you have to bring a flashlight.

Or wrap yourself in Christmas lights. That works too.


One of the things I love about Fall is I get to have my hot drinks again!
(That and fashion boots, scarves and all the bugs FINALLY dying)
But while I consume a lot while I write, I don't actually eat or drink much while I read. (And get crumbs on the books? THE HORROR.) Tea is basically the ONLY thing I'll drink while reading, and that tends to be only when I'm reading a classic or a non-fiction or something that I don't care if I don't get sucked into its world.

But my book consuming amount doubles in fall. Because it is cold and therefore I have better excuses to sit with my fuzzy blankets and socks and

So what is your favorite season? Are you excited for fall? What is your favorite part of this time of year? Is it even fall where you are? Are you in Australia or something? (Cheers for you then, mate. 20 Points to Slytherin.)

(Even if your from a different house.)

(Slytherin is the best)



  1. It doesn't feel like Fall yet for me. 😐
    I love reading and writing in the Fall, too. It's my favorite season. And the bugs die, like you said. That's a plus.😁
    Buuuut, some leaves are starting to change, so hopefully that's a sign.

    1. It was a little annoying here because the beginning of September felt like Fall...but yesterday it was 80 degrees and I just....

      It's supposed to be warm at the beginning of fall and chilly at the end. Yesh, weather. Get it right

    2. Its still hot here. 90+ degrees with humidity so thick it feels like you could cut it with a knife. I WISH it felt like fall here already, but the kind weather time says maybe middle of October. I hope so. We go out for Halloween and I'd like to not be pouring with sweat when we walk.

      Do y'all do Halloween?

    3. As there Halloween here in Ohio?
      Do I trick-or-treat?

      Sort of? I haven't in a few years. (Because I have picky candy tastes)

  2. I LOVE FALL. But, unfortunately, where I live we don't get fall....Just icky weather....

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Anidori-Kilad....nope. Can't do it.
      You are now Ani.

      Fall isn't here either and it makes me sad. I make up for the 90 degree weather by sitting inside and burning fall scented candles

  3. I am loving fall right now. Doing all those things, just wish I knew where a good cemetery was sounds like fun, would also be great for photo shoots.

    1. Well....if you need names, Catholic cemeteries tend to have a huge variety of them (Polish, Irish, Italian, and even common English names galore!). I went cemetery hopping last week and there a bunch of names I wish I could have *borrowed*. I was there for a different reason genealogy :)


    2. I don't know where you live, but you should be able to google it. I'd personally look for really old cemeteries.

  4. "Or wrap yourself in Christmas lights, that works too".

    Ok, that one just sent my muse into a tizzy. Stop doing that! I gotta finish AITS aka SOI!!!


  5. It doesn't feel like fall yet here, but soon!
    "Wrap yourself in Christmas lights," YES. Definitely do that! :P

    1. Especially if you bring a butcher knife along for protection... XD

    2. What? No, this is just to cut my sandwich. COME BACK HERE

  6. *wraps self in Christmas lights*
    *shuffles from gravestone to gravestone*
    *trips and rolls down slope*
    *cars crash on nearby road as they watch the revolving Christmas lights*
    *gravestones shudder*
    *Big Brother stops and stares*

    + 20 POINTS TO MEEE. xD (not that I'd be Slytherin... but I'm Aussie. So. 20 points.)
    Jem Jones

    1. Because we all know their are actually FIVE houses. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Australia.