Series Review: The Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

1. Cinder- 5 Stars
2. Scarlet- 5 Stars
3. Cress- 5 Stars
4. Winter- 5 Stars

Stars Above - 4 Stars
Wire and Nerve, Vol. 1 (Graphic Novel)- 4 Stars

***Spoiler Free***

It all starts with Cinder, a retelling of Cinderella. Where Cinderella is a cyborg. (Please don't leave. I promise, it is not as weird as it sounds.)

And the Scarlet. Which I LOVED. Its so rare to find sequels that are as good as the first book. (This one, some might say, is better.) Mostly because we meet Scarlet. And Thorne. (Don't forget Thorne)
This is also the book that will change your emotional outlook on tomatoes.

Yep. As in the round, red vegetable.

Cress is where we meet a space hacker. And this series version of Rapunzel. And some major stuff happens....

People are lost and people are found. People are kidnapped. (Don't worry. They put him back.) Hearts are broken and ships are built. Tears are spent. Oh, and heart eyes. A lot of heart eyes. 

And then Winter. (which has the prettiest cover ever, BTW) Winter is actually my favorite book in  the whole series! So no worries about "books that end the series and don't meet your expectations and you cry" thing. Though I cannot guarantee that their will be no tears! 
 Everything is tied of very nicely, a missing finger club is formed, please don't cry! There is still Stars Above and Wires and Nerve Vol. 1

One of the reasons I like this series is because it is a mixture of Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Fairy Tale retelling and YA.

So you've got the space ships and lunar colonies and droids and cyborgs, but not the huge info dumps that seem to be in the more classic Sci-Fi.

And the world is futuristic Earth which is fun.

And the fairy tale retelling bit! I love how Marissa Meyer weaves in the old story line with the new so you're constantly going "Oh! I see! That's the pumpkin carriage!"
(Except the pumpkin carriage bit only happens once. So you're actually only saying that once.)

Cinder is a retelling of Cinderella, as I've already mentioned.
Scarlet is a Little Red Riding Hood retelling, Cress is a Rapunzel Retelling and Winter is based off of Snow White.

And I love how her retellings are based off the original stories, rather then the Disney versions. (Though I can see a bit of a Eugene/Rapunzel showing in "Rapunzel" and "Her Prince's"  personalities....)

And for all you people who have read TLC, you really need to find Wires and Nerve, the new graphic novel. It happens after Winter (and before that one scene in Stars Above) and if you wanted to see more of Iko and "that one guard" (Kinney) NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

(Vol. II comes out in January....I think)

If you have read The Lunar Chronicles, feel free to fangirl with me in the comments.
If you haven't read it...then what are you waiting for?



  1. Hahaha this is such an awesome fun post :) I've only read up to Scarlet, but I'm LOVING it so far. Wolf and Thorne are AMAZING and SO swoony, and the girls are so spunky and capable and I just love everything about the series so far.
    Can't wait to read the rest!

    1. I saw you started the series and I started freaking out.
      "Another one has joined the fold."

  2. Can't wait to read Winter! Hope to start this month.....

    1. Winter is my fav! Send me the link if you do a review :)

  3. Loved Cinder,need to read the rest.

    1. YES! Go read them and then come back an fangirl over Jinter with me

  4. I love the Lunar Chronicles so much!!

  5. I absolutely adore this series!! And the graphic novels are so good too. :D I thought I might not like them, but they're super cute and the art is perfect. hehe. My favourite is probably Scarlet! I still need to read Stars Above though.

    1. You should read it ASAP. My favorites were The Princess and The Guard (JINTER TIME. It was cute...and then it wasn't) and Something Old, Something New (which was cute)

  6. I'm reading Heartless right now. I love it so far. Such a good book. I want to read the other books, but the first one was out of my library. Hopefully next time its there. *crosses fingers* If not, I may just have to buy them when the book fund actually happens. XD

    1. Heartless was lovely! You're reading it JUST in time for Pumpkin Season! (It will change the whole way you look at the small orange gourd of fall!)

    2. Oh no! I don't want it to change my view of pumpkins!! (Eh, I'm pretty good at separating things, so hopefully I'll still want pumpkin pie on Turkey Day!)

  7. I've heard so much about this series, I'd love to read them. But my library DOESN'T HAVE CINDER. [Well, it has an audio-book. That doesn't even count. Ugh.]

    (And before I knew much about the series, I picked up Meyer's 'Fairest' at the library. Well. I didn't have any emotional attachment to the series [I thought it was a prequel. which it might be?? idek] and I realLY DISLIKED the MC.) BUT I'D STILL APPRECIATE A CHANCE TO GIVE CINDER A CHANCE, LIBRARY?? THANKS??

    Jem Jones

    1. Fairest is about the villain of the series...and yes. It is a prequel.

      About Cinder, I would HIGHLY suggest that you go ahead and "read" the audio-book. I listened to it on a trip recently and it was pretty good. (My biggest problems with the audio book was the fact that Cinder's sarcasm just came off as bratty and another character came over as a creepy russian and I always imagined him as a "dry wit" british kind of guy...)

      I don't really like Audio books's so hard to get sucked into the story when they. go. so. slow.