Book Reviews: Awesome Dragons and Magic Castles

Awesome Dragons and Magic Castles

  • Dragon Slippers
  • Dragon Flight
  • Dragon Spear
  • Tuesdays At The Castle

All of these books are written by a woman named Jessica George Day.

The first three are all in the same series, with the fourth being the start of its own series.

Do you ever get sad because there is something funny in a book and you would like to tell a sibling and laugh about it, but….

Then this happens:

You: *gasp* “This book is hilarious! Listen! *reads small part*
Sib: “That sounds really awesome. What is the book called?”
You: It’s called You-Can’t-Read-This-Book by I’m-Not-Telling-You

Well, these are books that

  1. Are really awesome
  2. Something you will want your sibling to read
  3. Something your sibling CAN read. Honestly, you could read these to a five year old.

Dragon Slippers: I kept reading this book thinking “Oh, I see. It’s the “Poor Girl Meets Crown Prince Who Is Engaged To A Horrible Spoiled Brat…”
But then…it wasn’t! And I was so happy.

And dragons! Awesome dragons!

They don’t all horde gold, they horde different things. One hordes shoes, another stained glass windows. There’s one that hordes books (me), and even one that hordes dogs.


And PLEASE go read it so I can fangirl with you.

Oh, and the best part?

The first book was written as a stand alone. Two more books were written later, but if you don’t want to start ANOTHER series, then you can just read the first book. Its all tidied up nicely. 

Also, I did not think I would get this emotional over this book, but there was literal “OH NO! PLEASE NO! HE CAN’T…THE LITTLE SNEAK THEIF! I HOPE HE’S OK. HE HAS TO BE OK….”

I was close to tears and for those of you who don’t know me…I have NEVER cried over a book. EVER.

But this one came close.

TUESDAY IN THE CASTLE has fewer dragons, but is no less fun and magical.
Tuesday is not the name of the MC (which is what I thought at first) but the book is named that because the castle is magic. And temperamental. And when it gets bored (usually on a Tuesday) it creates new rooms.

And it chooses who it like and dislikes.

It’ll stretch the hallways longer and longer so people have to walk extra. It’ll change your room size and even what is in your room. Some people have been ejected into dung piles before.

And I am currently too emotional over this book to write anything intelligent after this. (That’s giddiness. Not utter pain. That’s right. I’m looking at you, Dragon Slippers)

Both of these books should be added to your TBR pile ASASP!!!
If not two, then pick one and read it.

If you have read one or both SPEAK TO ME IN THE COMMENTS! I NEED TO FANGIRL



  1. I haven't read the book, but DRAGONS!!!!!! Anything with a dragon is probably good. I'll have to find these because a book that I can read and then let my siblings read is awesome. I know the feeling of something funny happening in a book, but you can't really tell the siblings because of other content. Its just a shame.

    (Oh, I have an extra post going up this Thursday and I'm nominating you for something. *evil laugh*)

    1. Yes! You HAVE to read them.

      Its so hard finding books that I like that my siblings can also read. It seems they're always either or....


    1. ...I fangirled so much in that much I couldn't even write a correct sentence, wow. XD

    2. It took me MONTHS to just to be able to calm my fangirl and write an intelligent post.