NaNoWriMo Project: Meet Lily

So this week you get two posts from the narrators, Lily and Kace. Since I will be writing them in first person, I decided to let them go ahead and speak for themselves (I shudder to think of what Kace will do on Thursday!)

(Since I don't normally write with two narrators, I decided to make "POV" boards on pinterest. Hopfully these will help me keep their stories straight) Here is Lily's

Hi everyone!

*awkward wave*

 My name is Lily and I'm a super hero.
Yep. If you live in NYC, you probably know me as "The Golden Princess"

Or as Lily.

Either one. (Most people don't know me as both.)

Probably because when I go out to fight crime... (normally because Kace drug me out in the middle of the night ON A SCHOOL NIGHT.)

( sorry.)

(I like my sleep)

I wear a wig with long, slightly curling blonde hair. What I look like IRL is slightly different

Shoulder length black hair, freckles that show up under dim street lights and glasses (Hey, if Superman got away with it, so can I)

I also happen to run a fairly famous blog about the amazing duo that helps protect our streets! (Also inspired by Superman.)

My mom is a super from Greece and my dad is a reporter. I have three brothers, but only one of them shows any sign of having powers.

My best friend is Kace (Short for Casey, but DO NOT CALL HER THAT! SHE WILL KILL YOU!)
She is the one who likes to be out at night and she. keeps. looking. for. fights.
And then she texts me @ 3 am like
doing a bagel run. You in?"


And then I drag myself out of my nice warm bed and go find her.

And to make it worse, she happens to like it BETTER when it is cold out. Why? WHY?

Maybe it's because I'm up all the time or maybe it is just because my little brother seems to have speed powers and WILL NOT SLOW DOWN, but I am madly in love with coffee.

Love Lily

She has no idea what is in store for her. Coffee isn't all she's going to be madly in love with


  1. YOU'RE LEAVING US HANGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is awesome. I could really hear her individual voice. I love it so far!!


  2. WOW. That cliffhanger is so /not/ okay. -.-

    I like her! She seems like a fun person. :D

  3. I CAN RELATE ABOUT LOVING MY SLEEP. Lily is a very interesting character! I can't wait to meet (*sheepish grin*) I mean Kace. I totally meant Kace. :D

    1. She only *might* kill you for calling her Casey...Basically only her parents call her that. She just ignores people and won't answer if anyone else uses it.

  4. This is awesome and hilarious! It sounds so much like me! Though Kace and I would have some words if she convinced me to get out of bed at 3am for a bagel run and there weren't any bagels. That wouldn't fly.

    Can't wait to read about Kace! This sounds like an epic story!

    1. Sometimes they actually DO get bagels... but not usually.

  5. Lily sounds hilarious and relatable.

    1. I was trying to make Lily the super relatable one so YAY! It worked!

  6. Lily writes a famous blog about herself and her best friend's secret superhero identities?? COOL.

    ... and please tell me she references fictional superheroes (such as Superman, obviously) within the story? Because YES

    (And does her reporter dad investigate the teen superheroes at all? what's his opinion? or does he know?)
    Jem Jones

    1. Yes, she references Superman, Batman etc. Kace watches the Green Arrow. Her family does know about her powers and her moms. Her dad mainly does reporting on international stuff. More like a writer for National Geographic or some other magazine then a newspaper reporter...