Sunshine and Summer! It's Tag Time!

So, these tags were given to me by Jem Jones....
(Honestly, I completely forgot her name and had to call her "That Owl Girl" until I finished the post and went to her blog. Whoops. I am not good with the names.)

Anyway, you may be thinking,


but no.

Jem is Australian. 

Which means:
A.) She is from TIM TAM LAND (yum)
B.) It is warming up there

So sure, the poor Australian bloggers are going to have to listen to us gush about Autumn, but they will have the last laugh. Because soon it will be cold. And they will be sitting out on their beaches with ice cream laughing at us.


Off topic Australia rant over


Now, Jem specifically said she wanted the answers to the sunshine blogger tag. This is the summer fun tag, but she did them together so I'm not sure what she wants...

So I've decided to do them both, but give really unhelpful answers to this entire post.  Enjoy!

What's a nick name only your family calls you? 
Puddin' ann Tane. Ask me again and I'll tell you the same!

What's a weird habit of yours?
Sitting on tables and counter tops. So comfy.

Do you have any strange phobias?

What's a song you secretly like to blast out when your alone? 
If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret. Now would it?
One of your biggest pet peeves:
1. That Peeves isn't in the HP movies 
(That is not actually my biggest pet peeve. It was just a pun. Though I am kind of annoyed)

One of your nervous habits
K. Here's the thing. When I notice I'm doing something when I'm nervous..shifting weight on my feet, not knowing what to do with my hands....I  stop doing it.

What YouTuber always makes you laugh?
I never laugh (LOL)

What was your first stuffed animal and what was it's name
A black and white appaloosa horse. Oreo

What drink do you always order at Starbucks?
I don't like Starbucks. I tend to drink coffee from this local based coffee shop. Because it doesn't taste disgusting. When I go to Starbucks I kind of look at their menu and think "What looks the least horrible?"
(Normally peppermint something)

Do you have any weird body skills? 
I have hyper flexible ankles. Which means I turn my ankle a lot.

What's your favorite comfort food?

What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? 
*shrinks away in fright*

What did you use to wear that you will never wear now?
Skin tight neon green leggings. Why mini me. Why?

What did you want to be when you were younger? 
Large animal vet. 

How tall are you?
Me+ fabulous three inch heels = Super Tall

Five ways to win your heart/become your friend?


(My apologizes, my friends)


1. Favorite Fictional Families/Siblings:

   1. The Weasley Family from Harry Potter
   2.  The Gallagher Girl Sisterhood from The Gallagher Girls

2. If You Could Reform One Villain (book or movie) Who Would It Be? 

Luke from Percy Jackson and The Olympians. *sobs*

3. If You Could Work With/Learn/ Be The Apprentice of Some Historic Person...Who Would It Be?

*Stares blankly off into distance*

4. Have You Ever Dreamt (In A Dream) You Were In A Movie?

5. What Are Your Favorite Types of Book Titles? 

It depends on the book. I think the title reflects the book and its personality.

(The ones that don't make a whole bunch of sense when you start reading them, but then you suddenly go OH! THAT'S WHAT IT MEANS!)

6. If You Could Be The Sidekick of One Fictional Character, Who Would It Be? 


7. If You Were A Superhero, What Would Your Power Be?

The ability to talk to animals or invisibility. 

8. If You Enter A Fictional World, What is The Worst Thing That Could Happen? 

I could either accidentally mess everything up OR I could take over the world. Depends on how I'm feeling

9. What Kinds of Book Covers Do You Dislike? 

Shirtless guy. *gag*
(Not that I dislike shirtless guys...but those books tend to be...bleh)
10. What Fictional Character Would You Like To Be YOUR Sidekick
*batman voice*
I work alone

11. What Fictional Character Would You Want As An Arch-Nemesis

How about a list of people I DON'T want as an arch nemy?
Kaz Brekker.

(I'm sorry. I had to look him up to figure out how to spell his last name and then I ended up using too much time looking at Six of Crow stuff  "whoops" )

 MK out


  1. Great post!!!
    And I suppose since I'm taking over the real world, I could let you take over a fictional world. Of course, you'd have to promise not to mobilize a rebellion. That would be disastrous.

    Lol, I dislike when I guy is shirtless. I'm just like, let's all keep our shirts on, people. XD

    This was funny to read, though. Good job. :D


    Oh, I did the evil writer award tag today. Its up on my blog now if you want to see the answers. :D

    1. Yay to evil writer tag!
      Shirtless Guys = gag
      You DO remember what happen the last time we got into a "discussion" about World Domination?

      (P.S. I totally would win)


  2. I always have to search Kaz to spell his last name too! :)

    1. Did you hear Leigh Bardugo is writing another series about Nikolai?

  3. I loved reading you answers, and the pun!:)

  4. xD

    Obviously I have done a good job with creating a recognisable 'brand'... you forgot my name, but the owl's memorable! xP And YES I come from Tim Tam Land, and YES beaches and ice cream. Read and weep, guys. Read and weep.

    HALT! YES! except I'd probably die. (Did I say that in my post? I'd probably die. Or shot. By Halt.) BUY YOU LOVE RANGER'S APPRENTICE *high five*

    Batman: I work alone
    (*glares from Robin*)
    (*and Robin*)
    (*and Robin*)
    (*and Robin*)
    (*and Batgirl*)
    (*and Batgirl*)
    (*and Batgirl*)
    (*and Batwing*)
    (*and Batwoman*)
    (*and Commissioner Gordon*)

    THANK YOU FOR DOING THE TAG[s] and so promptly too! I'm so glad I tagged you, because you're hilarious. ;D

    - Jem Jones

    1. ^but. Not buy. This is why I read my comments 17 times before publishing them.

    2. I remember people by what their icon is...
      RANGER'S APPRENTICE! (You also come from the land of John Flanagan!)

    3. I do too ;) (Which is why I set the easily-recognizable owl as my icon!)

      We Aussies are proud to be the home of Ranger's Apprentice! (Is the series known much outside of Australia?)