Write What You Know: Horse Girl Quirks

You know what they say...

Write what you know.

But what if you want to know how a crazy horse girl would behave? And you don' know any?

Well, don't sob.  I, a certified crazy horse girl, is here to tell you how it works

  • You know totally random horse facts. Can probably tell you a thousands different horse breeds and types, a ton of different bit styles (Eggbutt snaffles, D ring snaffle, Curbs)
  • You know every school project can have horses in it. I'm not even kidding. Give me a subject and I can weave horses into it.
  • You can spell Chincoteague. (Yes, I just spelled that from memory and spell-checker has NO IDEA what it is.)
  • If we see horses anywhere, we will point them out. Even if we have horse and are around horses all the time. We will still get excited to see a horse. Or a picture of a horse. HORSE
  • *hears horse people speak across room*
    *appears at speaker's shoulder*
    Did you say dressage?
  • You probably have random horse gear lying around the house....even if we have no horses.
  • You have read just about every horse book ever and watched just about every horse movie ever. Even some weird ones made in the 70's....
  • Are given things by relatives at Christmas and birthdays simply because it had a horse. Just because you're in your twenties doesn't mean you don't want a My Little Pony T-Shirt. Be grateful!
  • Don't worry. You get them back later by either spending the entire holiday meal telling everyone about the trilling history of stirrups or by trying to eat your food like you're a horse and whinnying whenever anyone tries to say something about it.
    (You are probably sent to your room later for kicking your cousin Pete)
    (He deserved it)
  • You don't skip. You canter. And on the correct lead, thank you very much.
  • Your bike was a horse. Probably names Star, Smokey, Ginger, Socks or something like that.
  • And you probably brushed it with all those random curry combs you had lying around your room. And if not the bike, then the long suffering family dog

    Are any of you writing books with a weird horse girl in it? Are YOU a weird horse girl? Do you think I should do more "Write What You Know" posts? (Because I'm gonna)


  1. I loved this post, MK!

    I'm a horse girl myself. I rode for a while, and watched The Saddle Club when I was in high school. As well as owning a few horse riding games, a 5 horse movie collection, horse pillow, stuffed horses, etc. Only thing I need to complete my collection is a couple of real horses, tack (English and sidesaddle!) and a place to ride them....LOL


    1. I am really upset with myself for not getting back to you sooner.

      I preferred the Saddle Club books to the TV show...But maybe that was because I read the books first?

      I also like how you said "a couple horses" and not one.



  2. "Write what you know." *Fantasy writers burst into tears* XD

    But this post was awesome, LOL! :D

  3. I think some advice on writing isn't good advice. I'm writing a dystopian with no knowledge of what its like to live in a dystopian world. I don't think Marissa Meyer lived aboard the Rampion to learn what happened to Cinder and the others.

    However, this post is hilarious and yes you need to do more. :D


    1. You can still add elements that you know. Sassy friends, food obsessions, etc

      I think I might do the next one on archery...Or being a musician? Wilderness Survival?

  4. Files this information away for later. Horses are amazing!

  5. Don't even get me started...this is golden!!!!

    I can spot a horse rider from across the room, lol.

    I'm not writing a book with a horse girl...instead, I'm a horse crasy gal writing about a character who isn't a horse girl. And THAT is quite interesting, IMO.

    Don't get me started. I could talk horses with you for the next month in these comments! (Unless you WANT to horse chat...and I'm up for that...)