Capes, Coffee Shops & Cake: Random Facts and 1/2 Way Snippets

 As of the 15th (Half way point of NaNoWriMo): I am at 20,722 words. 
Which is about 5k less then half way (25k), which isn't quite what I was hoping...

But other then that, everything is going great. 

I am on Chapter Eleven out of twenty five chapters and the plot is beginning to thicken.

 I might take some of the drama from the second book and add it to the very end of this book. (Because it needs a nice little cliff hanger, don't you think?)

I didn't do as much character development as I could have, but I'm afraid two of the supporting characters are slowing turning into the same person. Whoops. 

And everyone who has read it so far is madly in love with Brent and is hard core shipping him with Kace. 

Which is a bit of a problem since I am not sure if they'll even end up together. I mean, there's that guy in the second book...(Actually, there are two more possibly love interests in the second book) And when Kace ends up with someone else, the readers might storm down upon me, kill me and finish the story themselves. 

(If there is no mention of coffee or pastries every couple of chapters, then you know that its happened.)

Oh, and Lily went on a date. 


And then I remembered I was on a date. And with that came the frantic thought, “What do people do on dates, exactly?” Well, my brilliant mind said, “Ask questions about each other so they can learn more about the person they are dating.”
Which is great and all. But what should you ask?
I decided to ask what his favorite color was, but panicked. What if he asks me what MY favorite color is?
 While I was musing in WHAT was my favorite color, he asked, “What’s your favorite animal?”
And in my panic, I blurted, “Yellow!”
He gave me a slightly weird look. It wasn’t actually a weird look, he just didn’t react and his left eyebrow moved up a fraction of an inch.
I took a deep breath and added, “Ducklings. Yellow ducklings.” 




  1. I love Lily! I understand the thing with Brent and Kace, a lot of my readers now ship Cynfael and Snow, which is not going to happen.

    1. I read Cynfale as Chayse and had a mini heart attack.

  2. Lily is so me!! XD

    I love your snippets, your book sounds awesome!!

  3. Lily is 100% me on a date. I think. I haven't actually been on one, so I have no idea. But probably.

    This book sounds better and better every time I read about it!

  4. I can totally see Lily doing that on a date. Which is adorkable :)

    Heehee, I can understand the's very very very tempting to stick them together. (I may or may not have fallen into that trap...*whistles*)


    1. It's kind of my fault. I tend to write a lot of awkward scenes that add tension between the two of them instead of writing platonic friendship scenes.