As I take a break for Thanksgiving, my characters step in to keep my non-US reader entertained.'s all yours.

Kace: Why, why, WHY do we have to do this?

Lily: Because it's tradition.

K: AMERICAN tradition. And you're second generation Greek and my dad's parents were British. So again...why

L: Because it's fun!

K: How is this fun?

L: I'm enjoying myself.

K: *mumbles* Of course you are.

L: So we're going to be talking about WHAT! WE! ARE ! THANKFUL! FOR!

K: *sarcastically* wheee!

L: I'll go first! I am thankful for my family, my friends and coffee!

K: I am thankful for the dark of the night, the cold biting wind, and the blood of my enemies!

L: ....That's dramatic

K: *Stuffs mouth with pizza* *Makes vague grunting sound*

L: ...Ok. I am also thankful for a good education, health....

K: And Liam

L: *Mutters threateningly* I will kill you

K: *innocently* And I like coffee, baking....

L: And Brent

K: *hisses* *hackles raise* Don't talk about him. Him and his stupid smug face, with his stupid smirk and his stupid...

*Brent walks in*

K: *icily* What do you want?

*Brent raises eyebrow at her and backs out*

L: You guys are the cutest

K: We literally hate each other. Why are you like this?

L: Did I say I was thankful for Kace?

K: I'm thankful we're done now

L: No we're not! We still have lots of time....

K: To late. I already said it was over. Ha.

*Kace jumps up and runs across room*

*Lily jumps up and runs after her*

L: No! Come back here....

*Kace slips out window and disappears*

L: And there she goes. It guess that is it, peeps. *waves*


  1. Awesome and funny post, Mary Katherine!:)
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Haha, this was great! Lily and Kace seem like awesome characters. XD

  3. This was hilarious. 😁


  4. Love this, it was really entertaining.

  5. Kace: "I am thankful for the blood of my enemies!"
    Lily: "And Brent."
    Kace: "nO I hATE BRENT"
    Lily: "...too bad. I ship it."
    Kace: *jumps out window*

    This was quite an entertaining Thanksgiving post! xD
    - Jem Jones