The Character Karaoke Tag

It's tag time!

First of, lets start on me, the musics and writing. I am not actually that much of a music person. And when I listen to songs while I write, I am not listening to the words*. Or really even listening to the music. Its like a energized white noise in the background.

*There is one exception, but it is for a book that I have never told you about before and therefore I am not going off onto a long rant to try and explain it to you. (Because I will just end up confusing everyone. Including myself) 

After I listen to one song for too long, I have to switch. Why? Because my brain starts to learn it. And therefore, a part of my brain is sitting there, going absolutely nothing but think. "And what comes next in the song? Oh yeah, the words...."  And I want every single bit of my brain to be focused on the book. 

(With the exception of the part of the brain that is running my hands and keeping the tea going to my mouth and not pouring it on my computer or something. That would be bad) 

So somebody (Aka Ivie) tagged me for the Character Karaoke Tag! Whee! In which I talk about music and books!  Are you beginning to see what the problem is? Anyway, it should be entertaining. 


1. What Song Would Play At Your OTP's Wedding? 

Ok, first off: For most of this tag, I WILL be talking about my own characters. But not for this question because:

A.) Wedding Songs? Help! Help!
B.)  I don't like telling my readers stuff about my books because I am evil and also I don't want to end up telling them everything good about my books, and then they get published and then they're like those movie trailers where literally EVERYTHING GOOD ABOUT THE MOVIE IS IN THE TRAILER. (And it wasn't that good) 
C.) I have been fangirling about this book I've been Beta Reading and I have the perfect song for my OTP. 

(Which I named and everything, because I am obsessed) 
(Also, you know who you are! I am only Beta Reading one book currently.) 

Anyway, back to the question. This is more of a song for the overall relationship. I feel like both of them match the lyrics pretty well + big cats. 

2. What Song Matches Your Protagonist?  

So...besides that first question, everything else is about my NaNoWriMo Project: Capes, Coffee Shops & Cake. Which I am currently writing! Scary no? 


Anyway, this book is dual narrated! (In first person, which is not something I do a lot.)  

If Kace was a song it would be one of those fast beat, energetic songs that people put on their workout playlists because it makes them want to run a couple miles, or do that extra sit up or climb a skyscraper!

 Lia would be a pop song. One of the cute ones that is pretty and sweet and really, really deep if you stop and listen to it. 

3. Any Instrument Players or Characters With Ties To Musical Instruments? 
Sadly, no. And while Kace would be the kind of person who would play the electric guitar in a band, she is too impatient to stop and learn. 

(Oh, wait? Does Lily still play the guitar? IDK. Questioning everything right now)

4. Go To Song For Battle, Romance, Or Intense Scenes?  

I. Cannot. Write. Romance.  

I don't do the feelings well. 


Honestly, I use music as a pick me  up. To give me energy to write. I get energized from writing fight scenes (and most intense scenes)

5. What Song Matches The First Scene In Your Book? 

Ummm.  I don't know...


6. If Your Book Was Made Into A T.V. Show, What Would The Intro Be?  

 I don't know. Stop looking at me like that. 

*screams and hides under desk*

*finds it really hard to write from under desk and comes back out*


7. You Receive A Call From An Agent Saying You're Being Published...What Would Your Celebratory Song Be?

  I would literally turn on the first thing I saw. But really, really loud. And then I would dance like a maniac. There would be much screaming and probably me sliding around the house in my socks and then I would go box for a while in an attempt to burn off energy. Which wouldn't work, so I would then go run. (Because running is so much fun and makes me not breathe)


(Some context. Kace free climbed to the top of the school building and the Principle is now yelling at her through a megaphone.) [Lily POV]

She hesitated for just a second, starring longingly up at the spire. And then she turned and started slowly making her way down. The slowness was partially because she didn’t want them to know quite how good she was and partially because she was pouting.
There was on time when she was sliding over the edge of the roof that she slipped and slid a little. Honestly, I was this close to flying across the yard and dragging her down. I could just imagine her falling to her death and saying a laughing, “Caaaaatch me.”



  1. Wow, this is awesome! I don't like Katy Perry, but to each their own. I love that snippet!


    1. It also amuses me because it comes right after the point when Kace does her trust fall thing (I think it was in one of the earlier snippets)

      Every single time I see the line "Catch meeee" I break out into giggles

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was so hard to write because I don't know a lot of music...And I don't normally listen to music while I write unless it's instrumental...

      I find music with lyrics WAYYYY to distracting.

  3. Awesome post, Mary Katherine!:)

    1. Thank you!

      Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
      (I'm sorry if I already asked. I have the memory capacity of a pigeon right now)
      You're novel sounds amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a fantasy book that mixed in mystery and detectives...

    2. You're welcome!:)

      And yes I am.
      And thank you, I'm so glad you like it.

  4. If I had to do this tag, my standard answer would be "I don't kNOW" too ;) Like you said, when my brain is trying to sing along, it's harder to write. And for some reason I can't find any songs to fit my story?? so listening to playlists isn't really an option.

    But as always, I'm super-pleased (haha see what I did there, I am so not-funny) to read more about Kace and Lily!!
    - Jem Jones

    1. I am laughing so hard at your pun right now because Lily JUST made a pun like that in my book...(And I love puns. It was hilarious. You are hilarious)

      I can't even listen to the same song over and over, since my brain will start figuring it out and my brain will just be following along in the song...

  5. Omigoodness! You have a song for Chayse and Snow!!!!!
    I don't even know what to say. This is something on my writer bucket list! It suits them!
    You have made my day! *hugs*

    I will probably steal this tag.

    1. Yay! Something off someone's bucket list!
      (I think that's on my bucket list somewhere...Help someone cross something off their bucket list...)

      And you should totally steal this tag!

  6. I looved your answers xD You have a great way of making me laugh!

    1. I wrote this so long ago I honestly forgot what my answers were and had to scroll back up and read through them.

      Why am I like this?

  7. This is so much fun! I love this tag a lot. Of course, some of the questions are hard to answer because of spoilers and such. That's no fun. But you know... we just have to skip those questions or come up with creative ways to answer. You did a really good job with that!

    1. I feel bad after I go through answering *spoilers* for everything... So I basically write down the first thing that comes to me. Which would explain what they are a little weird sometimes....