The Literary Dinner Party Tag!

I was going to post about NaNo and how it is going.
(SUM UP:  Not good. Word count ok, though I have not entered it in a while. Story a jumbled mess.)

But instead I'm doing a tag.  THIS TAG! Which I stole from Liliah.

But is it really stealing if they told you to steal it? 


No its not.

Character that can/likes to cook:

Bundee from The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo. I'm not sure how great of a dinner host he would be...but at least there would be cake. 

One character with money to fund the party:

Eliot from The Art of Feeling by Laura Tims. 
Granted, I don't know if he would actually want to be at said party...

Maybe it would be a introvert dinner party where we all eat alone and in separate rooms?

One character who might cause a seen:

Jesper from Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. He might get bored and start a fight...

One character who is funny/amusing:

Everyone amuses me.  
 Leo from Heroes of Olympus is amazing and would make everyone laugh and all the girls would probably leave with TEAM LEO shirts.
One character who is super social/popular:

Iko from the Lunar Chronicles. She might be a little annoyed since she can' anything. 


One villain:

How about...


I'm not supposed to say. 

(From Warcross by Mary Lu.)


One couple-doesn't have to be romantic:


 (Six of Crows/Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo)

One hero/heroine:

Scarlet from Caraval by Stephine Garber  

One under appreciated character:

*Stares at wall*
*whispers* My brain is blank

One character of your own choosing: 

Ha. As if I haven't picked ALL the characters of my own choosing? 
Nik from Gemina, because he has been on my mind the whole tag as I tried to think of a good place to stick him. 
And Julian from Caraval, because....well, if you read Caraval you'd know why. 



Anyone who was secretly hoping they would be tagged for this and are now disappointed that they were not named!

Anyone who was going to steal this tag whether they were tagged or not! (I see you)

And anyone who wants to squeal with me about any of these books in the comments!

Now have at it. 


  1. Six of Crows characters, I approve!
    Great tag.

    1. I was very tempted to use Six of Crow characters for all of them

  2. This is embarrassing, I haven't read ANY of these books....


    I'm in the midst of doing this tag, too. Ooh, Allison is funny. She really likes gifs. She floods goodreads with gifs that are so fitting. XD

  4. I just kinda stopped and applauded the Leo reference. That was spot on perfection right there! I love this tag! It's awesome.

  5. Yes I did give you permission for this, so it isn't technically stealing XD

    Six of Crows for everything!!! Yes!

    I have an idea for under-appreciated character Grant and Jonas from Gallagher Girls. I just thought of that actually.