Things I Do When I'm Home [Alone]

  • Sing and dance in the kitchen while making coffee
  • Practice my witch laugh.

    Not just a cackle. I mean the one where you SCREAM at the beginning and fade into a cackle. I don't know where  I would even use this, but I practice all the same. You just never know
  • Add a few thousand words to my whatever my current story is
  • Or plot a new one
  • Bask in the sweet, sweet solitude
  • Randomly bake something

  • And then eat it
  • Write a page or two of random thoughts...left handed
  • Give myself a mani/pedi
  • Do yoga while watching TV
  • Take a nap
  • Do school  
  • Memorize a poem
  •  Reorganize my room
  • Read a book. Or three.
  • Sit down in a sunbeam, promise myself it will just be a second and then wake up an hour later with the carpet imprinted onto my face
  • Plan a hundred blog posts and promptly forget ALL OF THEM when I need to write one.



  1. Love it. XD I do most of this when I'm home alone too--theoretically. I don't get to be home alone anywhere near as often as I'd like :P

  2. I relate to these, especially the last one. Happens all the time.

    1. That was actually the reason for this extremely random post. :)
      It was the only thing I had actually written down

  3. Neither do I. Though I tend to get "mostly alone time" when I have a older sibling in another part of the house. I am 95% certain that they will not come anywhere near me, but that 5%...don't want to risk it.

  4. I do a lot of the same things :)


  5. Bake something? No...more like, make something to bake...and then eat all the cookie dough before it even gets to the oven. I know, gross. But hey!!! I'm HOME ALONE *witch cackle*

  6. "Doing yoga while watching TV". Finally! Someone understands me! Except when I try to do it, my pets decide to have an intervention and get in my way. They're greatly opposed to exercise.

    This was a great post! I do a lot of these things! I also love to do karaoke because no one can hear me belt out all sorts of songs that I really can't sing.

  7. I do the crossed out "Do school" one so much :P

  8. That last one tho, I do that ALL the time XD

  9. Awesome. I'm usually not home alone, though. Sibling one and sibling two (my online nicknames for them) are usually with me. Cause older sibling = free babysitter. XD


  10. I've been home alone literally three times in my entire life?? but practising an evil cackle is something I'd definitely do xD And I sing Owl City songs at the top of my lungs. And play music without earphones. (I am such a wild teenager when I'm left alone...)

    "wake up an hour later with carpet imprinted on my face" < 100% RELATABLE xD
    - Jem Jones