Writer's Wisteria Tag

So....you may be wondering.
"Why did you take this post FROM JULY and horde it until November?"

Well, I took a blogging Hiatus in July and so I horded all tags "for future use" and I decided, if I'm hording it I might as well horde it until November.
 Because this tag would be a lot of fun for my NaNoWriMo Project.

And so I horded it. (And I really need to stop saying horde or any of its variations)
And now I am finally writing it, two months later.

Which is confusing too, since by the time you read this it will be November.

I decided NOT to take a hiatus in November, because seriously. I schedule all my posts ahead of time anyway. (Not normally THIS far in advance, but why not?)

What inspired the idea for your current WIP and how long have you had the idea?

This was actually what I tried to write for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I tried to write it without plotting it out or having any idea where it was going. It was then that I discovered I am a plotter and my Sleeping Beauty rewrite whacked me over the head and said 'Write me! Write me!" and I did.
So I have had this idea since March 2017.

What are you looking forward to most about this WIP?

(Basically the fact that it is not In A Dream, which I have been working on since it bullied its way to the top back in April.)

The characters are fun and new and its kind of an experimentation for me since it will be written in first person, dual narration. And both girls are so different from each other and cool and superheros and cupcakes and just *scream*

Have you ever dreamed of your characters?

No. I tend to dream of food, people trying to kill me and weird random gibberish that makes no sense. (Though that does kind of sound like this book, now that I mention it)

How do you go about naming your characters?

Online baby sites.

They are my life.

Sometimes I pick ironic names, but this time they are very loosely based off two girls I know and therefore they have names that start with the same letters. 

Do you plan out a theme?
A wha? 

Do you discover the MBTI type of your characters? (If so, then what are the types of your characters?)
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Normally I create the main character without basing them off a type. And THEN I figure out their type and use it to decide what "types" are the best for a relationship with them and who interacts badly with them etc and use THAT to build my minor characters/love interests. 

Favorite Genre to write in? Or do you like switching it up?
I like fantasy the best, but I have ideas for:
Well, this book. What would you call a superhero book? Contemporary?
A sci-fi book, historic fiction books, more fantasy books, a few retellings (Fantasy and contemporary)....

What is a big inspiration for you in writing? Quote, person, place, food, etc
Basically everything around me inspires me to write. Even those creepy old guys who catcalled me fueled my writing. (Because hey. Rage can be used too right?)

Are you more competitive with your word count or more chill?  

I am Slytherin.

And a capricorn.

And an INTJ.

You tell me. 

(That means yes. VERY competitive. Competitive is my middle name.)

Do you like sharing small snippets of your work? *hint hint*


(Right now, I am writing this in September. But if I remember to come check on this before it goes up, I will try and put a snippet in. K?)

And I'll even makes it the rage filled cat caller scene :) 

Hopfully, NaNo hasn't killed me.



1.) [Kace POV]
Shoulders hunched to keep some of the wet wind off my neck and hands shoved deep into my pockets, I made my way along the street. And guess what I found? Trouble.

Just what I was looking for. 

2.)  [Kace POV]
“See!” I whispered gleefully as the sound of their boots faded into the night. “We’re famous.” Lily jabbed me in the side with her hand. “Jerk. It’s a school night. School starts tomorrow. I need my sleep.”
I laughed quietly and rolled out of reach. “I’ll buy you a coffee before and after school. How about that?”
She narrowed her eyes slightly. “And a pastry.”
I was going to argue, but if I bought her a pastry then I could buy me a pastry. So I nodded and started across the rooftops.

3.) [Kace POV]
I started prying it open and Lily floated down beside me.
“Or we could just use the door.” She suggested.
I stopped to consider what she said and then nodded.
And then I said, “Trust fall!” and fell backwards off the window sill.

She did catch me before I went splat, but she didn’t look too happy.

4.) [Lily POV]

When my alarm went off the next morning, I wearily pulled my head out from under my blankets to find Kace shadow boxing in my room. Only half-awake, I turned and looked around my room, taking in the backpack slung casually on the floor near where I had laid out my shoes and bag.

“Don’t you need sleep?” I muttered.
Kace snorted in reply and left off her practice. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” And then she came over and waved a coffee cup under my nose. 

5.) As promised, the catcaller bit. [Lily POV]

I laughed, because all was right in the world and despite getting very little sleep the night before, it was going to be a perfect day.

And then we walked past a line of cars stopped at a red light. The window rolled down and a guy in his mid twenties leaned out the window. My heart sank.
“Hey!” he said. “Nice…”
Kace swung her hand to the side, depositing her coffee into the window and onto his lap and astonished face.
Kace looked down at her now empty cup and wrinkled her nose. “They gave me the wrong coffee.”
The creep was still sitting there with his mouth open in shock and the light turned green and they sped away. I could hear the driver laughing at his friend and calling him an idiot.

“Today is going to be a good day anyways.” I thought to myself as I watched my best friend walking along beside me with a smug look on her face.

 (Hint: It was not a good day.) 


  1. Old guys catcalling is disgusting. I haven't been catcalled, but there is a very old man who looks at me (and women) in a disgusting way. Unfortunately, he lives in my neighborhood. :/

    Its frustrating, but the best thing to do is ignore them.


    1. I'm not just going to ignore people if they're catcalling me.
      Starring at me creepily? Ok, they didn't try and get my attention. Them I'll ignore.

      But I have been catcalled before and I ignored it. And it just festered and drove me crazy. That I didn't do anything.

      I can defend myself. In fact, I'm pretty handy in a fight.

      I'm just not the type that can let the creeps of this world slide.

      And it is a million times worse when someone insults my friends or sisters. If somebody does that...it's war.

      And you do not want a war with me.

      (Not you personally, dear)

      But then again, I'm seventeen and a fighter. In your case, I suggest just keeping an eye out for him. Be aware, but not afraid.

      And stay strong

    2. And it depends. Is he a little boy showing off to his friends/thinks he's cool?
      Ignore him.
      Someone just talking?
      Ignore them.

      But if you see someone who you think is a threat: LOOK AT THEM.
      1. Then you can see them. You know what they're doing
      2. A lot of times, they'll see that you know they're following you or are planning something and they'll stop.

      And then get the hell away from them and join a group of people. If he keeps following you or you are just scared: TELL THEM. Let the other people know. Even if they're complete strangers.

    3. I've never been in any sort of situation like this. But if a young woman came up to me and said quietly that someone was harassing her, could she stay with me? the answer is YES and she will be my new friend and I will yell at someone for her if necessary.

      (I've gone a bit off topic from Ivie's original comment ;)

    4. Exactly, We girls need to stick together.

      Scratch that.

      We should help anyone who needs it.

  2. Great snippets, just proof that anything can be used for writing.

  3. I honestly forgot about you stealing this tag....LOL.

    I loved the snippets, your characters definitely shine through.


    1. *gasp*
      Another person liked my snippets? I am touched.

      (I honestly forgot I had stolen the tag too)

  4. Nice use of an evil circumstance. Probably exactly what I would do.*makes a mental note to always have a hot cup of coffee in hand*

    You're an INTJ too?! Gasp, gasp!! I'm not alone in the world!


      This scene was inspired by an actually person in NYC. Except hers was a iced coffee.

  5. "Trust fall!" Kace is awesome xD

    1. Kace is so fun to write. (How is your NaNo going?)

    2. (...meh. Weak start. But I should be able to reach my goal of 20k - if not, it'll be because I slacked off. *talks sternly to self*)

      How's YOUR NaNo going?

  6. You already know I love these :D


  7. I love the catcalling part! That was awesome. XD

    1. Thanks! (I completely forgot if you were doing NaNo or not...)