Bookish Settings I Want To Visit [Exluding Ones That Would Make Me Die]

I just kept scrolling through the lists of books I've read this year, looking for inspiration, and telling myself why I SHOULDN'T go there. Just scrolling a long like,



I'd die

Also die

I would be dead so fast....

I wouldn't want to visit

I'd be dead sooooo fast

Sounds like a horrible place

Let's never visit

I'd probably be one of the people who gets sucked out into space...If I didn't die of sickness first...or in the attack...

So I did manage to narrow down a few though.

Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women:
(From the Gallagher Girl Series by Ally Carter)

First of all, SPIES. SPY SCHOOL. Secondly, there is a french chef and creme burlee. And WAFFLES! And Movie Marathons!
(And occasionally Blackthrone boys...)

Hogwarts Castle:
Granted...I'm not a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. I found the characters unlikable and the writing dry.

But....but....HOGWARTS! Who wouldn't want to go and be sorted into your house, try butter beer, listen to the crazy sorting hat and insult prejudiced Gryffindors?




Camp Halfblood:

First of all, REFILLING MUGS! It's like living in the Doctor Strange end credit. And you'd get to learn archery, fighting, canoeing, play EXtreme capture the flag, and live under the constant threat of possible injury and risk of life and limb....


I mean, apparently people just waltz in all the time and take a tour, so why not me?

 Aboard the Rampion:

*tries to write an intelligent sounding post and ends up squealing on the floor, twitching a muttering things like Cresswell, Wolflet, Kinder, Jinter, tomatoes...*


(Where would you like to go? Have YOU read The Lunar Chronicles? What is your favorite ship?)


  1. ooohhh. Those sound really awesome, MK!

    Me, I'd like to go to Middle Earth, Narnia, and Gallagher Academy.


    1. You would not believe the utter shame I feel for forgetting my beloved Middle Earth.

  2. Camp Halfblood and Pemberly! I will go with you when you go :P

    1. I'm sure Darcy won't mind if we come waltzing into his house

  3. LUNAR CHRONICLES!!! YES!!! My favorite ship is Wolf and Scarlet. They are adorable and Scarlet's personality is very similar to mine. So, definitely them. I would probably go to the world of The Blood Race. Have you read it? You need to if you haven't. Its the best ever. I bought it myself. *is proud* You know, when I had a book budget. *needs to find a job*

    Anyway, I will end my rambling. I have to work on my plot of world domination now.

    1. No, I have not read it yet...But I will look into it. I mean, it has to be good. It has blood in the title.

      (Wolflet is the best! My second favorite is Cress and Thorne though.)

  4. Camp Half blood and Hogwarts, awesome!! I would totally go to those places.... I would also go to Middle Earth, Sleepy Hollow (The one from Washington Irving's book, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, not the inaccurate horror movie.) Star fleet, And any place from Jane Austen's books...
    These were really cool places you chose and I agree about not wanting to be killed or die,

    1. I read the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow book, but I don't remember much about it...It was such a long time ago! I'll have to re-read it soon...

    2. Cool!:) I'm sure you will enjoy rereading it.

  5. Wolflet is the perfect ship name. Holy cow, I love it.

  6. I'd go to the Shire. And not leave. Because other parts of Middle Earth are all dangerous and sword-y and that's nice to read about but not so great to live in. (I'm assuming. I've never tried.)

    Or Narnia! It's fairly not-dangerous, at least during the Golden Age. And Pemberley - well, is there a spare Darcy?? if not... hm. xD

    Kai x Cinder was actually my favourite ship. Wolflet - well, it progressed to passionate kissing surprisingly fast. Plus it felt weird to ship Little Red Riding Hood with the wolf?? Just my opinion. ;) Jinter didn't progress very far (grr, I would've like to see that), and Cresswell - I suppose it did get better (in the final confrontation - that bit was good shipping material!). But Kai is a cinnamon roll. <3
    - Jem Jones

      (Have you read Stars Above? There are 2 stories with them in it and just *squeal*)

      Wolflet used to be my #1 favorite, but it did kind of go a little fast...

      What about Iko and Kinney? (Have you read Wires and Nerve?)

      And that scene where Kai and Thorne are flying back and talking about Cinder and Cress. I. Was. Dying.

    2. I HAVEN'T read Stars Above OR Wires and Nerve. But I need to. More Jinter would definitely be cute! (And I shipped Iko and Kinney just from reading Winter. I didn't know I had a problem until I realised I was shipping an android. With a man who actively hated androids. I still don't know what about that situation screamed "SHIP" so loud?!)

    3. I think Wires and Nerve is leading up to Iko...becoming human? It kind of feels like that is the way the wind is blowing.

      And most of Wires and Nerve is them bickering and Kinney being rude

      (because he is falling for an android and he's like WAT?NOSTOPIT!)

  7. Most books, I'm just like I would be dead, so dead! Great list!